Report: Doctors treat Drumpfititus with Obama hugging card.

PORTSMOUTH, NH – 25 Mar, 2017 – Drumpfititus, the anxiety inducing virus responsible for gastrointestinal duress in most of the world’s population is now being treated by doctors with a patented, non-FDA approved vessel of love known as HUGZ, available exclusively at

Doctors claim HUGZ delivering President Barack Obama’s smiling face and over 200 square inches of hugging power are proving effective in helping Drumpfititus sufferers achieve momentary relief from their feelings of disgust at the current occupant of the White House.

“Our scientists and research teams are delivering innovations at the cutting edge of hugging science day in and day out. So we know from practice that hugging helps heal,” said HUGZ creator Peter Connors. “It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that President Obama’s hard earned experience as our Healer in Chief is the perfect antidote to Drumpfititus.”


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