Chase The Cloud Backs Grover Norquist and is Hopeful the Trump Presidency will Fully Support the Vape Industry

Chase The Cloud hopeful that Trump and Grover Norquist will support the E Cig industry.

As at 2010 when the E Cig business took off, it grew an average of 114 percent annually in 5 years. In May 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unleashed an avalanche of regulations on the growing e-cig industry. The rules made it basically too expensive to be in the E Liquid Subscription business for anyone other than large tobacco. This is because, despite the fact that the liquid used in e-cigs contains little to no tobacco, the FDA nevertheless termed the devices and juices as tobacco products.

According to the new regulation, which came into force in August 2016, E-cigs or juices must undergo a research package if the e-cig or liquid company has not been in existent in the market before 2007. This study package is estimated to cost more than $3 million per product; this is according to Dr. Christopher Russell, a principal investigator at the Center for Substance Use Research.

Luckily for Chase The Cloud, and others in the vape industry; in November 8, 2016 God sent electronic cigarette users a savior: Donald Trump, whom vape lovers believe the practice will change under his administration as the President of the United States of America. His campaign promises on cutting down massive regulations and cultivate a more friendly business ambiance offer a great opportunity for vaping enthusiasts.

Although the president is yet to address the FDA’s regulations specifically in any of his speeches, this is not enough to stop the e-cig Crusaders from making sure the United States has its first cloud-tracking president. Ever since the enforcement of the FDA’s regulations last year, vaping advocates have been trying to find a lasting solution over this strict industry regulations. So many personnel in the industry allege that this regulation could threaten thousands of companies, but legislative efforts to tweak the rules have not gained much traction, but now that Donald Trump is the president of the United States, renewed optimism that things could change are evident.

So, with Trump presidency, and Republican Senate control, it ironically has a tremendous opportunity once and for all to create a sensible regulatory strategy for electronic cigarettes and E Liquids like Cuttwood. Although it is not yet known the long-term effects of vaping on consumers, research so far has found that it is far less harmful than smoking, and there is some evidence that it could be a useful tool to quit smoking. Norquist is now in talks with Trump government officials to make sure that the FDA’s rules are deferred for at least two years so that Congress could have time to pass bills that take precedence over Obama-era regulations. Senator Ron Johnson’s open appreciation to the vaping community for their support during the election and the promise of an advocate for them in Washington, and Trump’s nomination of Georgia Congressman Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services was an early indication that the vaping community has an ally in the White House and could finally find some relief after years of continuous neglect.

Vaping is a real coalition. It is seen at the local and state levels. Unlike tobacco, beer or wine, where most people do not consider it comfortable to say ‘Do not impose a tax,’ individuals who vape feel virtuous with their choice of lifestyle, and are not afraid to fight for it. Vaping supporters are optimistic they will win and believe they are going to build such a strong political coalition that when they win, it can never be taken away.

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