Author Joel A. Moore Creates Four-Part Series ‘Journey Into Darkness’ and Gains Recognitions

A series of civil war stories that tackles the core of bravery, responsibility and real strength that lies within the heroes’ hearts

Joel A. Moore successfully creates historical/war series- Journey Into Darkness winning Moms Choice Awards for historical fiction category, honoring excellence in family-friendly media, products and services, the Silver Medal Book Award from Readers’ Favorites, and nomination for the Freedoms Foundation Award.

Well-received by historians, readers and book critics alike, ‘The Journey Into Darkness’ series

begins with On the Eve of Conflict as Duane Kinkade, a ten-year-old farm boy from Arkansas, faces the harsh truth that his best friend-his father, has to leave to fight in the Civil War.   Within the year, circumstances lead him into the war as he seeks to find his father.

The second book-Up From Corinth leads Duane to the Confederate Army at Corinth and a trek that puts his life at risk. Book three-Across the Valley to Darkness continues the story as Duane’s decision to set out on his own to join Bragg’s army at Tullahoma, takes a wrong turn, leading, instead, to Lee’s army and eventual battle at Gettysburg.   Toward the End of the Search concludes this life-changing, coming-of-age adventure as it comes full circle returning a now thirteen-year-old veteran of two and a half years of army life and battlefield experience to the farm where it all began.

Out of unfathomable tragedy, comes an unforgettable tale of family, hope and what it means to be human.

In his letter recommending the series for the Freedoms Foundation Award, historian Paul Sanborn writes, “I highly recommend this series of four historical novels…these are an important way of preserving our national heritage and bringing it to life…researched so that they reflect accurately on the historic period they represent.”

Mr. Moore’s first two novels in the Journey series have screenplays, making them ready for production onto the silver screen.  Moore says, “One of the greatest and most unique realms in all the world is the realm of imagination.  For any who would travel into that realm there await many exciting adventures and personalities. Reading is a journey into the imagination wherein the adventurer may become a whole other person for the duration of the journey and live the experience within a whole new reality.”

Mr. Joel A Moore

Journey into Darkness

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J. Arthur Moore is an educator with over 41 years experience in public, private, and independent settings. He is also an amateur photographer and has illustrated his works with his own photographs. In addition to Journey into Darkness, Mr. Moore has written Summer of Two Worlds, a story about Native Americans set in the summer of 1882, “Heir to Balmawr”, a medieval drama for his fifth grade students, a short story titled “West to Freedom,” a number of short pieces, and short stories. His latest work is Blake’s Story, Revenge and Forgiveness, a Civil War tale suggested by his great-grandson.

A graduate of Jenkintown High School, just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he attended West Chester State College, currently West Chester University. Upon graduation, he joined the Navy and was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, where he met his wife to be, a widow with four children. Once discharged from the service, he moved to Coatesville, Pennsylvania, began his teaching career, married and brought his new family to live in a 300-year-old farm house in which the children grew up and married, went their own ways, raised their families to become grandparents themselves.

Retiring after a 42-year career, Mr. Moore plans to enjoy the generations of family and time with his model railroad, and time to guide his writings into a new life through publication.

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