Attention: Running Belt Max Company Announces Sale to a Strategic Acquirer

“Running Belt Max – the world’s most versatile exercise belt.”
The top-selling Running Belt Max brand exercise waist pack was sold to Michelle Nipper of Coal Hill Capital.

The Running Belt Max is a product that allows runners and people who are into fitness to keep their cellphone, keys, money, snacks, ID and other essentials with them while exercising.

The fitness waist pack was an instant success when it was released on in January of 2016, and it is now outselling more than 99% of all other running and exercise belts via the online retailer.

As of March, 2017; the Running Belt Max company was sold to Coal Hill Capital, a Pennsylvania-based strategic investing company.

Dave Chandler, the former president who spent nearly six months designing and developing the running belt, briefly interviewed the new Running Belt Max president, Michelle Nipper, who is passionate about the product.

Chandler: Please tell me a little bit about yourself and your background.

Nipper: I’m originally from Western Pennsylvania, having graduated from Penn State in 1996. I spent my early career as consultant with a Big 5 firm, took time off to spend with my children when they were young, and am now back working as an IT consultant.  I have always had the itch to do something more entrepreneurial and am fascinated with the eCommerce space and particularly Amazon. 

C: What attracted you the most about the Running Belt Max brand?

N: I ran track and cross country in high school, and always had a love for recreational running, including completing 2 marathons. When I was looking for a company to get involved with, I wanted to find a market that aligned with my interests, where I’d be enthusiastic about growing the firm and promoting the products.

C: What makes this such a great product?

N: When I initially learned about Running Belt Max, the first thing I did was buy one for myself and try it out. I wanted to see how it worked, how it felt while running, and how it looked. I found it was made of high quality durable materials, it was so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing it, and it kept a trim profile, even with a phone and other items inside. For years, I always struggled with where to put my phone, keys, even gels. When I saw the Running Belt Max I thought “This is brilliant! — it really fills a need!”

C: What goals do you have for the Running Belt Max company over the next two years?

N: I’d like to build off the success that Running Belt Max has already established. The company has a quality product and a great reputation for customer service, so we will aim to keep that up and not to mess with what’s already working. There is a big market for fitness and hiking accessories, so we’d like to slowly expand the product offerings, but only if we can offer the same high quality as we already have in the Running Belt Max.

C: Do you have plans to have the running belt in any retail channels or will this be an Amazon-exclusive product?

N: We plan on keeping this as an Amazon exclusive. The retail landscape is changing and while there will always be a place for brick-and-mortar stores, the national scalability and cost structure of online sales can’t be beat.

C: Is there anything else you would like to mention about the company?

N: After years of hype, in the last few years we’re really seeing the Internet mature now as an investment opportunity for companies of all sizes and business models. I want to capitalize on this burgeoning market, and am thrilled to make Running Belt Max the solid foundation to my portfolio.

For more information about the Running Belt Max, or to purchase it, visit their Amazon product page directly here:

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