New Release Examines the Christian Position on War

Enumclaw, WA – The rise of nationalism, protective immigration measures of the newly-installed Trump administration, ongoing global conflicts, and resistance to government policies at home are part of daily mainstream news. Christians seem to be divided on many of these important issues.

A new release, The Listeners: Should Christians Participate in War? (Redemption Press, 2017) by Coleman Lewis Coates MDiv, delves deeply into the issue of how Christians should differ from the world. He says, “Christians are citizens of heaven and citizens of a nation. Heaven and nations may have competing goals. Do we feel a greater sense of identity with our nation or with Christ?”

Coates, an ordained minister who served PCUSA churches until retirement, says Christians are to be listeners to God and the truth of his Word. “Witness is the only responsibility of God’s people in this world. The ultimate purpose of the church is to witness, praise, and to be salt and light in a tasteless, darkened world.”

The Tulsa-based minister who first questioned U.S. policies in Vietnam, says, “No killing in war brings about justice. We cannot stop the flood of evil, sin, and death by merely mopping up; it can only be stopped by turning off the source. The Bible is clear that final judgment comes only after Jesus returns.” Instead of involvement in, or consent given for waging in war, Coates says God’s only command to every listener today is to live the resurrection life and proclaim it to the nations.

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