announces Nut Brand Smart Tracker Series Products

29 March, 2017 – announces Nut Brand Smart Tracker Series products suited to locate missing items and also prevent the loss of properties. NutFind  is a  premium Smart tracking brand that is perfectly designed to resolve what appears to be a little problem  but could be a huge factor that determines the ease at which one lives each moment of the day. 

Nut smart tracker basically helps in locating lost items or ensures that items are not missing in the first place. It is possible to spend an absurd amount of time looking for missing items that could disrupt plans made for the day and fail to find it; Nut smart trackers bring a huge relief to problems such as this.

Nut tracker is useful in finding any item that the Nut is connected to by using the free app on your phone. Nut tracker includes unique features such as phone finders that enable one to track a phone. The Nut tracker, when attached to a phone and is then separated from the phone, will beep and also the phone, so both devices will alert the owner that something is being left behind and lead one of the missing phone. Also, when an item like a wallet is lost, the nut tracker can be used as a wallet tracker to can reveal information as regards what time the item was disconnected as well as the last known location of the item.

“With Nut, you are never lost, we achieve by solving a very little thing in your daily life, so you can go out to tackle bigger things. The nut is small, but Peace of Mind if huge!” says The Head of Marketing.

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In addition to this, within a community, several people using NutFind apps could help an individual search for a missing item and also one can connect up to six Nut trackers with the app to keep track of six different things. NutFind also does customized designs for events, company and gifts logos on trackers to make the trackers suitable for each and every client.

About the company

Nutfind.comis the official online store for Nut Brand Smart Tracker Series products designed and produced by Nutspace and Nut Technology, Inc. USA. Established in 2013, Nut is the leader and premium Smart tracking brand, currently serving millions of customers worldwide and growing. NutFind is made up of a team of dedicated designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs who believe the big things start small.

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Company Name: Nut Technology, Inc. USA.
Contact Person: Luke Ma
Phone: 408-721-3118
Country: United States