I Love Avocados Unites Social Community by Delivering Heartfelt Goodness

MURRIETA, CA – 29 Mar, 2017 – In light of timely, global avocado news, Visual Content Agency (VCA), a Carlsbad, California based digital marketing firm, and West Pak Avocado, Inc. (WPA), a Murrieta, California produce company, created a ricochet of avocado love using highly targeted digital marketing strategy for the brand, I Love Avocados™.

For the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, a time when everyone deserves to receive a little extra love, I Love Avocados delighted their U.S. based social community with the opportunity to send complimentary bags of I Love Avocados to someone special. The Send Avocado Love #YouGotAvos campaign kickoff realized instantaneous excitement by fans, bloggers and online influencers on Instagram, growing engagement by 258% in just a few hours. In a matter of days, the reach on social topped 140,000, proving that the love of this tasty superfood is as ripe as ever.

In the weeks that followed, complimentary bags of I Love Avocados emerged on the doorsteps of unsuspecting avocado fans across the country. The delivery included instructions for unlocking the identity of their secret admirers by posting on Instagram along with the hashtag #YouGotAvos. In addition, the goody bag gifters could repost an e-card from I Love Avocados’ Instagram to tell their recipient, #YouGotAvos!

Since Friday, March 17, 2017, I Love Avocados realized a combined reach of 89,000 (and growing) on Instagram from both mentions and hashtag posts by the brand’s influencer family and community of avocado lovers.

Campaign Overview

To initiate the campaign, the team at VCA and WPA looked at over 1,300 mentions of the phrase “I Love Avocados” on Twitter and Instagram over a five-day period to determine and vet future brand enthusiasts who could help with an online promotion. Through careful outreach, fans were contacted through messaging and tweeting using the hashtag #YouGotAvos, offering their social community free avocados over a two-week time period. In addition, content was also posted on the brand page to guide fans back to the landing page.

From social listening to organic outreach, I Love Avocados saw an influx of love for the avocado during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, with instantaneous growth via sign-up on ILoveAvos.com in just three-hours from posting on Instagram.

“We were genuinely thrilled with the response of the initial campaign, as It just proves the power of avocados and how people are so very passionate about them,” said I Love Avocados Marketing Manager George Henderson. When asked what’s next with the campaign, he stated, “I Love Avocados is planning to create more fun avocado freebies and giveaways throughout 2017 to spread avocado love everywhere. Fans can keep in touch through news, giveaway announcements, and coupons by signing up at iloveavos.com and following on social media.”

I Love Avocados was unveiled at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Fresh Summit Conference and Expo, which took place in Orlando, Florida on October 14-16, 2016. The brand is currently sold to restaurants, institutions and produce retailers throughout the United States. 

Avocados offer nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds that add serious nutrients to any diet. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet may reduce the risk for heart disease, including heart attack and stroke, and may protect against certain types of cancer. Delicious powerhouses of nutrition, avocados deliver a healthy alternative for any lifestyle.

About I Love Avocados

I Love Avocados is a trademark of West Pak Avocado, Inc., of Murrieta, California. The brand inspires health-minded people to live a life of wellness by offering new and exciting ways of enjoying nature’s original superfruit.

I Love Avocados proudly offers hand grown, fresh picked avocados lovingly cultivated by their family of growers. This delectable, nutrient-rich powerfood is delivered fresh to your neighborhood market so you and your family can enjoy the fruits of their love.

For more information about I Love Avocados, please visit: www.iloveavos.com

About West Pak Avocado

West Pak Avocado is a family owned and operated company that has been proudly growing premium avocados for more than 30 years. Their commitment to quality represents not only the produce they sell and how they respect the land, but also to the way in which business is conducted. A leading force in the avocado industry, West Pak Avocado is devoted to upholding the highest ethical trading practices and proudly takes an active role in helping to ensure the vitality of the produce business.

For more information, please visit: www.westpakavocado.com

Media Contact
Company Name: West Pak Avocado | I Love Avocados
Contact Person: George Henderson
Email: george.henderson@westpakavocado.com
Country: United States
Website: http://www.iloveavos.com/