Silicon Valley Sharing Bike Copies from China

Chinese share-bicycle system has been a reference to international business model after 2016, bringing faster development in short distance transportation.

Spin was established in Nov, 2016. The founder was inspired by the sharing bike model in China and wanted to implement the model in America. Spin wanted to put 100 thousand bikes in American cities. And the first batch will be in San Francisco.

The model of Spin sharing bike

Spin sharing bike is similar to Mobike in hardware, orange color, basket and solid tire, also it doesn’t need stop piles. Besides, the lock is similar to ofo, but Spin will use the smart lock which is Independent research and development. For the business model, Spin uses no deposit model and it binds the users’ credit car. The price is $1 half an hour. 

Why China sharing bike is copied

In the wave of mobile internet, Chinese hardware or applied software is preceding in the world. And Compared with Germany and Japan, the reason why China is copied  is as follow:

The population of internet users is 7.2 billion in China. It is the biggest advantage for China. On the contrary, it is hard for Chinese company to compete with the global company.

For the culture factor, the culture of European countries is intimacy with American culture. So the companies is easy to spread, such as Google.

For reasons, the subsidy and protection is provided to the internet companies in China. So it has an active effect on the growth of the internet companies. 

Onebot shared-electric bike is coming

Under the wave of mobile internet, Onebot ebike has cooperated with Shenzhen Metro for shared ebike project. It will be the first choice of short trip transportation for city adults. How convenient! And it also make a contribution to the environment protection and reduce more traffic jams.

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