Sanya city agreed to host the most futuristic project “The Vision” 三亚市同意以东道主身份迎来最前卫的’愿景’项目

Sanya City ready for the next century 三亚市准备迎接下个世纪

Burj Thomson Asia Group Singapore and Raybo Liyuan Group Co. Ltd were chosen for  this unique investment and make Sanya one of the 5 biggest spots worldwide.



On the 23 March 2017, Sanya City has embarked on one of the most ambitious real estate project development ventures in the world “THE VISION”, which will shape the international tourism and leisure industry for decades to come.


The investment MOU for the development of one of the most important projects in China with the biggest positive future impact for Sanya City and the Hainan province, was signed after a presentation in presence of the mayor of Sanya City and selected officials, together with representatives from an international group of investors led by Raybao Liyuan Group Co.Ltd. and Burj Asia Properties Hong Kong Ltd.


吴岩峻市长(右二),刘琅主任(右三)与摩洛哥王子Benjamin  Vigh—kebil(右一)亲切交流

The scope of the venture entails investments of up to USD 4 billion for the development of a futuristic real estate project on the East and West Islands off the coast of Sanya City, with the landmarks being a multi-conference center and an events arena. 


Every aspect of the project from architecture to commerce will be up to the highest standards of architecture, environmentally sustainable technology and service as well as to draw inspiration from the most up to date future commerce and urban mobility concepts.


By developing this project Burj Asia Properties Hong Kong Ltd. will play an integral part to help Sanya City gain the highest international repute and become one of the top destinations for the sophisticated traveler.


With this project Sanya City is getting ready to extend the number of visitors per year as more international visitors will be attracted because of the highest luxury health care resorts and latest high tech equipment in medical procedures with approaches from Chinese and western medicine combined in a holistic fashion to improve the health of the visitors substantially and make sure they return regularly for additional successful treatments.


This project will also include the largest multimedia entertainment center in the world with the latest innovations in Video Gaming, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based simulation experiences and all kinds of exciting and up to date online and offline gaming offers, for that the local license owner and Burj Asia Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd. are finalizing a selection process to choose the best international operator that will manage with its knowhow and experience to bring the highest level of marketing, technology and integrity to conquer for the first time the world biggest market in this field.


三亚市委副书记、市长吴岩峻会见亚洲百君地产香港有限公司董事局主席、摩洛哥王子Benjamin   Vigh—kebil

Equipped with several yacht marinas, luxury villas, beach clubs, entertainment and leisure facilities, clubs and discos equipped for cutting edge experiences in night life, the project has the potential to create an infrastructure that attracts large numbers of young upscale clientele and thus make sure that the west and east islands in Sanya City will become the newest and some of the most important hot spots in the world for the international jet set.


Beside this international movie festivals, culture events, sports competitions, Formula-e racing events will be organized around this project and all around the city on a regular basis. Sanya City together with Ruibao Liyuan Group and Burj Asia Events and Communication are in process of an agreement with Formula-e Championship Organization to start in 2019.

这个项目的套餐组合是;除了国际电影节、文化活动、体育竟赛、方程式电动赛车(Formula E)的定期赛事等活动外,也将形成围绕三亚市的周边繁荣。三亚市与瑞宝力源集团、百君亚洲活动与交流机构,正在与方程式电动赛车的锦标赛组织机构洽商,达成在2019年开始举办活动的协议。

Burj Asia Thomson Group, Singapore and all its affiliates mentioned above together with Raybao Liyuan Group Co. Ltd. and Sanya’s City Goverment will put all their expertise, experience and strongest reputable partners to make this project become a source of pride for every Chinese National and show the world the innovative spirit and extraordinary vision of our great nation.


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