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With a team of innovators and technicians, Cryo-Tech Industrial Company Limited specializes in cryogenic equipments, gas cylinders and pressure tanks that can be used in the transportation of cryogenic gases, LNG and other energy sources.

Depending on the specific needs of clients, Cryo-Tech offers energy-efficient solutions to help transport cryogenic gases, LNG and other alternative energy sources. The product range includes cryogenic stationary tank, cryogenic movable tank, cryogenic handy tank, cryogenic dewar cylinder, cryogenic ISO tank container, etc. The company can also produce customized tanks and cylinders that can meet the specific needs of an individual customer.

The company supplies the cryogenic tank made of stainless steel for inner vessel and carbon steel for outer vessel. The tanks are available in different capacity range, from 2m3 to 350m3. The tank can have a pressure of 8bar or 16bar and can also have a custom tank pressure as per the client’s requirement. With GB or ASME standards, these tanks are suitable for the transportation/storing of a variety of gases, including liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and others.

Cryo-Tech Introduces Cryogenic Tank & Vehicle Cylinder for Transportation of Cryogenic Gases

The air separation unit is really important as it is the basic for all the gas industries. It is important to make sure that there is good quality air separation product available that makes sure that there is low energy. The technical parameters of this product are listed on the website to provide accurate information to the buyers about the product that they are buying.

Cryo-Tech specializes in designing and manufacturing the ISO tank container that could be suitable for carrying liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid argon and other liquefied gases such as LNG and LPG. The ISO tank containers are available in 10ft, 12ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes and can have different capacities, ranging between 7.7m3 and 60m3.  The containers can have different pressure levels of 8bar, 16bar, 24bar and so on. Clients can also request for a custom tank pressure level to suit their requirement.

To know more about different types of tanks and cylinders they supply, one can visit their website http://cryo-tech.com.cn

About Cryo-Tech Industrial Company Limited

Cryo-Tech is a brand name which unites a group of experienced specialists, innovators, technicians in the sphere of cryogenic equipments, gas cylinders and pressure tanks. They take advantage of the global experience and technologies at customer enterprises related to production and transportation of cryogenic gases, LNG and alternative energy sources. They establish their position as the best complex solutions provider with their elaborate technical solutions, engineering, supply of equipment, construction and assembly works, commissioning, guaranteed service and maintenance. 

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Company Name: Cryo-Tech Industrial Company Limited
Contact Person: Vance Fan
Email: sales@cryo-tech.com.cn
Phone: +86-13884458586
State: Zhejiang
Country: China
Website: http://cryo-tech.com.cn

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