Spino: A Simple Solution for a Healthy Back by Notion Innovations

Whether you’re spending hours each day working at a computer or an athlete that is always on the go, giving your spine the ‘attention it needs’ is essential in preventing pain and health problems associated with bad posture.

Spino is a simple solution for a healthy back that promotes proper posture by supporting the lower back. It stabilizes the pelvis and aligns the spine, so your muscles, joints and ligaments can work at their full capacity. Spino is a patented solution with a unique interchangeable strap system that supports the lower back through knees or an armrest of a chair while using it at work.

The team behind this innovation introduced it via Indiegogo and the response was incredible. The campaign exceeded funding by 427%, proving that the world was enthusiastically awaiting an easy and comfortable way to improve their posture.

However, as promised, the company has now started shipping Spino to the worldwide users and has always welcomed generous support. Spino was created with the help of designers, physiotherapists and yoga instructors to cover the most important aspects of spinal support.

Just 15-20 minutes a day with Spino could make a difference for your comfort and with a compact design that’s easy to carry, you’ll be strapping in at the desk, while watching TV, or even for a yoga warm up.

Generous backers can find out more about this amazing innovation at the Indiegogo link below:


About This Project:

Spino is the ultimate solution to back problem and is a strapped mechanism that supports the lower back like never before. Recommended by several doctors, fitness experts and many users around the world, the solution is patented by Notion Innovations.

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