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Glennville, Georgia, U.S.A – 30 March, 2017 – With the rise of political and social unrest in the United States and all around the world. Micah King felt like Black people everywhere need some type of positive image to look to, and who’s more positive than Jesus.

In this book ‘Jesus had hair like me’, the author challenges that perception head on in a new children’s book entitled Jesus Had Hair Like Me. Micah King, the author of Jesus Had Hair Like Me, takes us on a journey and provide a new perspective into who we know as Jesus. “The book is more about the characteristics of Jesus, as much as his physical attributes,” says King, “I do re-imagine his physical attributes so more people like me can identify with him.”

Jesus Had Hair Like Me was birthed out of the mind of a young Black visionary, Micah King. With all the recent police violence, gang violence, civil unrest, and political unrest going on in the world. Micah needed a way to help people realize that all was still well and could be well because the person who promised us perfect peace in the midst of all storms had hair like us. After writing the words, Micah needed images to illustrate the powerful words that had been put on paper. He called on his talented niece, Destiny Hargrove, to bring the words to life. With their hard work, dedication, and imagination, they were able to create some of the most thought provoking eye catching illustrations you will ever see.

This book will entertain, inspire, enlighten, and encourage young minds of all backgrounds to live a life of excellence, pride, joy, and love. We may not all have hair like Jesus, but we can all have a heart like his.

This wonderful book is for everyone, but mostly Black parents of kids 18 and under. Also black church attendees

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