Rosoka Series 6 Text Analytics Delivers Optimized Insight for Better Decisions

The enhanced software design of Rosoka Series 6 delivers unrivaled usability and flexibility

HERNDON, VA – 31 Mar, 2017 – Today, Rosoka Software, a leading developer of multilingual text analytics and extraction technologies, announced the immediate availability of the newest release of their proven extraction and analysis solution, Rosoka Series 6. Rosoka’s software has been proven to identify important entities and highlight subtle, but critical relationships to drive better decision-making in mission critical applications for Government and Commercial customers. Rosoka Series 6 was designed to reduce the complexity of implementation, integration and updating industry specific knowledge bases.  Rosoka Series 6 provides organizations of all types the ability to benefit from the insights hidden in the growing streams of unstructured data.

By improving the user experience, optimizing results and simplifying integration, Rosoka Series 6 sets the bar for text analytics software.  This enhanced design makes Rosoka Series 6 uniquely accessible to knowledge experts and can be used by organizations across multiple markets and geographic areas.

“Rosoka has always been committed to delivering the highest-quality extraction and analytics technologies with the most language support for our customers. With this release, we wanted to do something bigger; we wanted to make the entire extraction and analysis process easy and manageable,” said Gregory Roberts, CEO of Rosoka Software.   “Rosoka Series 6 was designed to deliver meaningful insights quickly. We have also added new capabilities to make managing large implementations much easier.”

Series 6 provides a comprehensive set of capabilities:

Entity and Relationship Extraction, over 40 entity types are automatically extracted out of the box, with complete customization supported.

Entity Resolution, multiple and varying references to the same entity are resolved, while linguistic algorithms are implemented to distinguish among ambiguous terms.

Truly Multilingual Support, out of the box important information is identified in over 200 languages without a need to change or load separate dictionaries.  Results are then rendered in English.

Language Identification, the languages contained within the text are analyzed and then reported.

Multi-Vector Sentiment Analysis, entities and documents are analyzed, providing a wide-range of metrics which convey the importance and emotional quality of the text.

Load Balancing, administrators can efficiently distribute workloads and knowledge bases.

Geotagging, linguistic algorithms are used to report the latitude and longitude of place names contained within the text, as well as assign place names to stated geo-coordinates.

Cloud-Based Services, on demand options powered by Rosoka Series 6 are now available.

The Rosoka Series 6 Family provides solutions to improve the quality of your organization’s decision making by delivering powerful insights from unstructured content.  Rosoka Series 6 is built on Rosoka’s unique and truly multilingual NLP to perform entity and relationship extraction, along with integrated sentiment analysis and geotagging. Rosoka Series 6 allows Subject Matter experts to customize knowledge bases and manage load distribution along with their respective knowledge bases. Output results can be written to files as XML or JSON, ingested directly into Elasticsearch, or returned simply as a POJO.  Rosoka Series 6 can be accessed on demand in the cloud, or up and running in under an hour on premises; all of which provide smart solutions to big data.

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About Rosoka Software

Rosoka pioneered the philosophy that the content should speak for itself.  Rosoka’s multilingual product suite is used to enhance mission-critical solutions in a wide range of markets. Today Rosoka software can be deployed on-premises, integrated as an SDK, and accessed through two different self-service cloud-based extraction options.

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