The Future of Work Is Now! and New Leadership Skills Are Required According to Expert Cheryl Cran

VANCOUVER, BC – 31 Mar, 2017 – The old leadership styles in business are no longer effective.  Organizations of all kinds are having their eyes opened to the fact that “old school” leadership methods don’t produce the results they need to perform optimally any longer.  And this trend is not going to reverse.  The good news is new methods, shown to revolutionize organizations, are available if a person knows where to look.  Enter Evolutionary Leadership Training who recently announced they are offering online leadership training with Cheryl Cran – an unparalleled expert on the subject, preparing leaders and organizations for the “Future of Work”.

It’s hardly a secret that the face of business and the challenges faced by its leaders has changed and continues to change at a rapid pace.  Workplaces are being affected more than they have been every been before and it’s absolutely vital for an organizations on-going growth or even existence that it’s leaders are trained, ready and prepared for the Future of Work Now! As reported by Cran “Leaders must master ‘Leading Change’ which is much different than ‘Managing Change’.

Today organizations have complex challenges having multiple generations in the workplace, on-going technology changes, talent attraction and retention to name a few. The workplace culture must support the new requirements that are a part of the Future of Work.”  Leadership training has not been made a priority which has been reported in several global studies and according to Cran “it is absolutely essential that leadership training be a high priority and the right training in this area will be the difference between organizations performing optimally or facing great challenges. The rapid pace of change is not going away, rather it is the new normal. Rather than be afraid of the future we can focus on what we can control and what we can influence.”

“The Future of Work requires action now,” commented Cran in a recent interview.  “Leaders and teams need to be building the systems, structures and a culture that will meet the needs of the new workforce today. Future of Work leadership skills required have changed and so must the skills and knowledge that leaders are taught.

Cran devotes her time and energy helping organizations and their leaders be prepared for The Future of Work. She states “I am so passionate about helping leaders learn the new skills and knowledge that is needed for the Future of Work I have personally created Evolutionary Leadership Training and developed several online leadership training courses with a personal coach option that ensures their readiness. Both the leaders and the organizations they work for benefit greatly. The ROI is phenominal.”

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