Gadget Review Publishes Their Best Wireless Routers Reviews for 2017

Los Angeles, CA – Gadget Review, one of the leading technology review sites on the internet, is proud to announce its 2017 Best Wireless Router. The wireless router is one of the key components to providing a first-class online experience, and replacing an older router can drastically improve the speed and quality of your internet experience.

The site reviewed over 15 of the latest routers on the market today, and awarded five of them. As with all reviews undertaken by the site, they take place over an extended period to provide a proper long-term review.  The idea is to test and evaluate all products properly in real-world situations so that the review is honest, reliable and realistic.

The routers are all scored on how they fulfil certain criteria, and the best overall router wins the coveted editor’s choice award. This year’s winner is the Linksys WRT3200 ACM Smart Wi-Fi Router.

The full results and reviews can be seen at:

“Many people pay little or no attention to the router they use until something goes wrong,” said Rex Freiberger, the co-owner of the site. “However, the reality is that a router is a critical part of your internet setup, and choosing the right one can make a huge difference to the service you pay for on a daily basis. We spent over 50 hours evaluating the different routers under both simple and challenging situations. The quality of routers has drastically increased over recent years, but there are still wide variations and reasons why one product is better than another. We hope that people will gain a lot of benefit from these tests, take our advice and as a consequence end up with a top quality product.”

Gadget Review is an online publication that reviews the latest consumer electronics, services and appliances to help consumers make better shopping decisions. Founded in 2005 they have established a reputation of hard-hitting, in-depth reviews that are both independent and honest. The site continues to grow year on year thanks to its quality reporting, and a wide variety of subjects, including news, software and hardware reviews. Whatever your interest in technology, if you are in the market for a new piece of equipment visit their website at for independent reviews and guidance.

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