Private Multi-Functions Assistant – Airwheel E6 folding electric bike

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, people are used to the way to surf the Internet on APP. Due to the popularity of APP, it has not been a simple client, more and more products’ official APP can be downloaded from the website to the electronic equipment, such as mobile phone, through the APP, people can wireless control their products.

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Compared to the traditional electrombile, Airwheel electric scooter not only has more fashionable appearance, light and handy body and the function of one-key-to-fold, but also the professional APP on which people can acquire accurate riding data, check any fault before riding and so on.

Airwheel Ideawheel smart electric bike

APP fault self-diagnosis is the first mentionable function, there goes an old saying, good preparation half successful, fault check before travelling can solve many potential, invisible problems, the riders’ safety are guaranteed. People can make personal setting according different circumstances, for example, for the first riding, they can set low speed level which is easy to control with the intelligent design, after mastering the skill, they may set high speed level to enjoy the riding. At the same time, the APP of Airwheel Ideawheel smart electric bike E6 has the function of real-time positioning, “it’s really convenient and practical, I can send my real-time position to anyone who wants to find me”. Riding data checking function can help riders know their riding better on the data layer and provide the potential protection for them; what’s more, the alarm system will remind riders of any fault or problem it may test in time to prevent potential accidents for security of riders.

Airwheel Smart E Bike E6

When it comes to riders’ security, the braking system plays a vital role in protection system of Airwheel Smart E Bike E6. On the one hand, after numerous experiments, the developers of Airwheel E6 apply the innovative C-AT vehicle control system in it, the control system not only offers optimized initiating mode of vector controller, but also provides better brake power solution.

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On the other hand, the intelligent EBS braking system can offer optimized power scheme, agility and stability in emergency braking after accurate calculation. The double systems show the care, conscientiousness and innovation of developers, what Airwheel brings to the public are both high-tech experience and security.

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