First of Its Kind Alliance Transforms In-Aisle Shopping with New Mobile Video Technology

Dusobox, Bay Cities, and Didgebridge partner to launch INTELLISMART™ Mobile Video Retail Environments – A complete in-store solution integrating scalable on-demand mobile video content access and instant data insights

ORLANDO, FL – 3 Apr, 2017 – John Kelley, CEO of Dusobox provides the following details: “We are excited to partner with both Bay Cities and Didgebridge, to better serve the needs of our brand and retailing partners within a rapidly evolving mobile-shopper marketing sector. Our proprietary, collaborative capabilities allow us to transform any retail environment touchpoint into an Intellismart™ purchase-helpful, mobile video on-demand experience for any shopper with a smart phone or tablet. We are now equipping both brands and retailers with new, Microsoft-supported mobile video tools and instant insights to provide a more engaging in-aisle experience without cumbersome beacons, apps, screens, or QR codes.”  

Greg Tucker, Bay-Cities CEO offers: “We want the consumer to look forward to brick and mortar store shopping and view the retail environment as educational, informative and most importantly, purchase-helpful. This new alliance is the only truly-integrated retail environment solution in the industry.  Intellismart™ Retail Environments include ideation, design, build, high-speed, 4-color-digital printing plus integration of the Didgebridge on-demand mobile video content serving and data capturing platform backed by a Joint Marketing Agreement (JMA) with Microsoft.

John McNulty, CEO of Didgebridge adds: “We are delighted to partner with Dusobox and Bay Cities in providing an end to end, seamless solution to energize retail growth. Our Intellismart™ retail environment platform has already been deployed by Fortune 500 CPG brands in over 10,000 retail stores nationwide. Didgebridge’s proprietary, on-demand, cloud-based, mobile video serving platform was developed, coded, and engineered by Ryan Swadley, Chief Innovation Officer, and his award-winning mobile video software Team.”

Swadley sums up the new alliance as follows: “We know the shopper wants purchase-helpful mobile video content and they do not want intrusion. Our alliance enables the shopper to access desired content at a time and place of their choosing. We must not forget that on the path to purchase, the consumer remains the boss.”

About Dusobox

Based in Orlando, Florida, Dusobox is one of the nation’s most progressive leaders in shopper-focused, retail environment solutions, including high-speed, 4-color, laser printing.

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(Contact: Chuck Delaney; Senior VP Retail Sales, Dusobox – phone: 708.491.5090) 

About Bay Cities

Bay Cities is a leading edge provider of fully-integrated, shopper focused, marketing solutions, with offices in Pico Rivera, California, and Bentonville, Arkansas.  

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(Contact: Greg Tucker; Chairman & CEO, Bay Cities – phone:  562.948.3751)

About Didgebridge

Didgebridge, with offices in Chicago and Indianapolis, is a mobile-marketing technology company, which specializes in on-demand mobile video content delivery and proprietary Intellismart™ instant shopper insights.  

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(Contact: John McNulty; CEO, Didgebridge – phone: 847.323.0858)

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