MAFAZO’s Tryump Pushes Cyber Security Risk Compliance into the New Age

Miamisburg, OH – Cyber security is one of the top most priorities for any organization today. MAFAZO, a company that specializes in building software systems for cyber governance risk compliance (GRC), has launched its cutting edge product, Tryump, which promises to transform every aspect of implementing and managing cyber security.

The existing software systems for GRC sorely lack in agility and features that are a necessity today. The market for GRC is currently filled with less than satisfactory, watered down products that fail to deliver on promises, and also make implementation long and challenging due to non-security related features.

Tryump is made exclusively for the GRC market, and is built to offer every essential aspect of cyber security and governance on the same plate. Tryump is built along the company’s motto to simplify, automate, accelerate and centralize every aspect of GRC. Companies implementing Tryump can reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, orchestrate security, and stay on top of potential and existing threats.

Any GRC strategy can benefit from Tryump’s all-in-one capabilities. It carries powerful reporting tools, a compliance manager to comply with voluntary and non-voluntary rules (HIPAA, FISMA and cyber security standards such as NIST RMF), a vulnerability and vendor risk manager, and tools for managing and analyzing security costs, incidents, security policies, security audit and enterprise security.

Since cyber security risks are constantly changing, Tryump follows an integrated and agile approach to consolidating and managing risks. The product allows for customized branding and can be integrated with other existing GRC and security systems. With quick access to relevant data, Tryump is meant to enable all the right decisions in lesser time.

“Cyber security requires specialized knowledge, as it is an emerging field, and most GRC products today were built a decade ago. Tryump is a purpose built GRC system with its primary intent of helping CISOs execute a global Cyber GRC strategy,” said Max Aulakh, President and Founder, MAFAZO.

Founded in 2012, MAFAZO comprises a highly specialized team of forward thinking professionals who carry in-depth experience in the fields of engineering, regulations, security and technology. In the past, the company has successfully secured a strategic security contract with U.S Department of Defense, formed partnerships through an Early Adopter Program, and has won the Dell’s Founder 50 Award.

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