Sharon Baptist partners with Little Flower Yoga to bring wellness and calm to schoolchildren

Kids 3 – 4 years of age to take part in yoga classes that stimulate the brain and support readiness to learn

A child’s health condition plays a major role in academic achievement. This is why Sharon has decided to partner with Little Flower Yoga, to organize yoga classes as a supplement to the already established Conscious Discipline model of the organization. Yoga supports brain health by helping children relax, feel safe and unleashes their higher thinking skills. It also encourages physical activity, helping the children enhance flexibility, coordination, and strength necessary for the development of their bodies.

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“Children’s mental and physical development does not come by accident. It requires deliberate attempts to help them develop their spirit, soul, and body, using highly efficient methods like yoga. Through this yoga program we hope to learn more about the academic impact of noncompetitive activities among young children,” said Barbara Manners, Executive Director, Sharon Baptist Head Start.

Yoga is very useful because it teaches young people about mindfulness, helping them to be aware of their thoughts and feelings and cope with stress. The coping mechanism triggers a sense of calm in the children so they can connect with their inner self and fully utilize the problem-solving skills they are thought in the classrooms. Just like in adults, yoga is also known to encourage physical activities in children. Physically active children have more energy and better concentration that makes them do well in classes.

“Applying funding to activities that help our children learn to self-calm and regulate their emotions at this early age is a wise investment. We’ll do all we can to help children thrive and work through life as they strive to become productive students and adults,” said Frances Phipps, Board Co-Chairman at Sharon Baptist Head Start.

About Little Flower Yoga

Little Flower Yoga has worked with over 200 schools in NYC and currently, serves over 4000 students every week. Their highly qualified loving instructors bring their curriculum to pre-schools and daycare centers throughout the NYC area, sharing these practices in an engaging and developmentally appropriate way to the youngest students.

About Sharon Baptist Head Start

Sharon Baptist Head Start provides quality early childcare, healthcare, nutrition, education and social service for children. They offer exceptional educational programs that are responsive to kids and guarantee a better future for all.

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