Aspiring Chef Creates In-Depth Website for Knife Enthusiasts

Saxton, PA – Aspiring chef, James Cormick, has created a site entitled The Kitchen Calls to provide hunting and knife enthusiasts with a connection to the culinary arts. Linking his passions of cooking and hunting, Cormick shares his knowledge of kitchen knives to give others with similar interests the opportunity to have in-depth access to the proper utilization of knives in the kitchen.

Learning one’s way around a kitchen can be more difficult than initially anticipated, and that realization is often enough to deter many individuals from pursuing the culinary arts as a hobby. Finding helpful resources to outline the proper utilization and maintenance of a kitchen knife especially can trip up many beginner chefs. What many do not realize is that there are particular ways in which different kitchen knives need to be handled, and finding accessible information to educate oneself has proven frustrating for many.

Hunting and cooking since his teen years, James Cormick provides a solution by offering his insight and knowledge that gives knife and cooking enthusiasts an accessible resource to learn about kitchen knives. Delving into the details of the art, Cormick endeavors to share all the information that is not widely known among the general population but certainly proves useful when pursuing adventurous dishes in the kitchen.

From fillet and skinning knives to adequate knife sharpeners, the site creator provides information on a wide variety of knives used in the kitchen. In addition, the site contains informational guides written for beginners, as well as tips and tricks. In using accessible language, and writing from his own keen interest in the topics explored, Cormick writes to ensure that others can become informed about the proper ways to handle kitchen knives.

“When I realized how little people generally know about what knives to use for certain dishes, or even how to wash them, I became determined to create a resource so that people would be able to learn about these things,” Cormick states. “Knowing these things even as a beginner can make a world of difference.”

As a site that explores the interconnected passions of hunting, knives, and cooking, The Kitchen Calls provides individuals sharing these interests the opportunity to learn important information to further pursue them. By creating a thorough resource that contains general information as well as tips and tricks, Cormick works to render the proper utilization and maintenance of kitchen knives a more accessible task for those interested.

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City: Saxton
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