Miami Beef Company, Inc. Launches New and Improved Website

Miami, FL – With a new and improved site, Miami Beef, a wholesale meat processor and distributor in Miami, continues to deliver the best quality fresh and frozen meat to retail industries and food services throughout the US, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. This custom burger, steak, and ground meat manufacturer has been serving as an industry leader since 1972, with ties in the meat world going back for more than a century. Their ongoing success can be attributed to a long-standing client base, superior customer service, product quality, and their world renowned custom (you name it, we make it) products and processing methods.

So how custom are we talking here? Well… looking for a burger? What kind — Beef, Turkey, Bison, or Chicken? How about a size — 4oz, 6oz? What about shape? Grass-Fed or All Natural? Or maybe you just want an 8oz American Kobe and Angus blend that’s shaped in the state of Texas, is 15% fat and has a specific amount of an adult’s daily recommended sodium intake.  Yeah. Don’t even get them started on steaks. Miami Beef can literally create any meat product that meets your technical and nutritional specifications. It’s what they do best!

With all this customization and hard work, it’s important your products’ are made in a safe, USDA regulated environment. That’s why food safety is Miami Beef’s number one priority. On the newly published website, you can learn more, but everything in their facility was built from the ground up with food safety in mind — from the processing floor layout to the shipping and receiving docks, and from dry storage rooms to product freezers and so much more. “You can rest assured, with Miami Beef, you’re protected!” says the company spokesperson.  “After a century of trial and error, we know meat.”

Introducing their updated website, the family meat processors based in Miami are inviting all clients and future customers to check out their new digital hub. Here clients can find information on the company, how they started, products they carry, current industries served, capabilities, and so much more.

Media Contact
Company Name: Miami Beef Company, Inc
Contact Person: Robert Young
Phone: (305) 621-3252
City: Miami
State: FL
Country: United States