SuperNet will be showcasing its disruptive technologies and applications at the Blockshow2017

NY, New York – SuperNet, an organization dedicated to building decentralized technologies and applications, will be present at the Blockshow2017 conference in Munich to shed some light on the tools and technologies that have been released so far and that are currently being worked on by the team. The three day event provides an opportunity for investors, companies, entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike to explore blockchain technology and to get a better understanding of its impact on the world. 

Exhibitor at the Blockshow2017, SuperNet focuses on solving existing problems of blockchain technologies as a means pave the way for mass adoption, creating a decentralized network of blockchains rather than trying to create a “blockchain killer app”, allowing users to explore the benefits of the various technologies.

The team’s envoy will be there to showcase the various tools, features, and functionalities of what has been referred to as the “SuperNet arsenal”. These include the Komodo Platform and its innovative Delayed Proof of Work (dPoS) consensus mechanism, the Agama multi wallet and its decentralized exchange (DEX), its pegged asset exchange (Komodo currencies), and its decentralized lightweight client (Basilisk). The team will also talk about the products made possible by the Komodo cryptocurrency like the Jumblr anonymous service, and much more. 

All of the aforementioned innovations to be showcased at the event create the pathway for complete independence from third party services and the traditional fiat market by providing peer-to-peer trading, access to fiat pegged tokens, privacy tools and more. They also provide services and tools that can be leveraged both by average users and by blockchain developers as a means to provide additional features on their platforms. 

If you believe in a truly decentralized future, SuperNet’s disruptive solutions may be worth exploring. If you’re attending be sure to keep a look out for the SuperNet exhibit and the team’s envoy, which comprised of security expert and event speaker, ca333; marketing manager, Polycryptopblog; and the newest member of the SuperNet organization, Alice!

About SuperNet

Founded in 2014, SuperNET is a collaborative community of participating cryptocurrencies and their development teams, alongside innovative coders, networking experts, social-media and commercial development specialists and third-party service-providers. They focus on open source development of decentralized technologies and applications.

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About Blockshow

The BlockShow Europe 2017 is a three-day event organized by CoinTelegraph. The event will provide a whole spectrum of opportunities to deeply explore Blockchain and even make first steps in achieving your Blockchain-related objectives.

The Blockshow 2017 will be held in Munich from from the fifth of April until the seventh.and will feautre panel discussions, worksops, a startup competition dubbed Blockchain Oscar and an exhibiton hall. The event is sponsored by Deloitte, CyberFund, Cointed, Humaniq, Blockchain Consulting and Ventue Scanner.

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