Author launches book series for lovers of fantasy, fae, mystery and paranormal

Sins of the Sidhe series spins new twist on old myths, with fantastic characters and tight plot

Briana Michaels announces the release of her book series, “Sins of the Sidhe,” consisting of four book titles so far. Set in modern day, this Paranormal Romance series introduces the Sidhe, the most powerful of Fae, and transports readers along the precarious balance of the Fae realms and the human world. Each book digs deeper into the complicated lives of characters, couples, and couples-to-be, which crossovers as the series progresses. Eventually, more forms of the supernatural are introduced, each connected and selected for a purpose – either to protect the innocent and coexist peacefully with the humans, or to conquer a piece of the world and rule it with a steely fist.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the mysterious and paranormal. Writing the Sins of the Sidhe series allows me the opportunity to create new worlds while also writing uplifting, powerful stories that have a strong heroine who can fight her own battles,” said Briana Michaels, Author.

“Shatter” debuts a female soul-seer who is forced into a battle of demons and Fae. “Shine” reveals the consequences of forbidden love. “Passion” unfolds a Highlander’s struggle with his tormented past and journey towards salvation. “Bargains” weaves an intricate story about a witch and an angel with secrets as dark as the demons that surround them. With the fifth installment anticipated to be released this summer, the Sins of the Sidhe book series is the right collection for people who love a mixture of fantasy, darkness, and romance in one place.

“I am a real fan of fantasy fiction, and I love to discover new authors. A friend recommended Shatter and I find that I enjoyed discovering another new voice in the genre. Her character Rowan is one of my favorites. I watched her grow from a somewhat timid young woman into a real powerhouse female! All in all, though, a fine first effort! Looking forward to reading the next book in the series,” said Baltimore B, a fan.

This is in no doubt the perfect gift for those who love fantasy, folk, mythology, darkness, and paranormal or just a well-written book that challenges the imagination. The author’s creative approach to narrative is constructive, unique, and witty.

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Briana Michaels grew up and still lives on the East Coast. She’s worked as an Events Planner for a large hospital, owned her own company, and even taught art for several years to preschoolers. Family is her life, but writing is her passion. When not plotting her next adventure, she’s usually reading and enjoying time with her family and friends.

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