Solar technology company launches solar panels made from scrap tires

Innovative system is designed to be durable, scalable, and affordable

The future of the world depends on sustainable and renewable energy source, such as solar energy. This necessity is part of the driving force behind Treadergy IUC, a grass roots organization saving the planet twice at a time by building solar panels from recycled tires. They have just launched an Indiegogo campaign to create awareness for their innovative product and offer backers exclusive discount deals. Treadergy solar panels provide a system that collects heat from the sun and transform it into energy, utilizing patented technology. It is designed to be durable, scalable, portable and affordable, giving everyone the opportunity to become a solar farmer. Visit the Indiegogo campaign page and get access to early adopter discounts.

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“Treadergy is the result of over six years of R&D trying to establish a cheap, efficient and affordable solar panel project. The competition hates us because we offer a simple and scalable system that eliminates all the issues and drawbacks affecting the industry for years. Our system doesn’t require heavy or sophisticated equipment that costs a fortune. Join us as we build a better future for the world,” said Keith Myers, of Treadergy IUC.

Treadergy solar panel system is designed to be rugged and durable, without any need for fragile glass, clumsy metal, or attachment, wind and snow issues. Backers on Indiegogo have the exclusive advantage of purchasing their Sidewinder modules at a discounted price. The module can be placed anywhere in the home or any environment to farm sunlight, and generate unlimited solar energy.

The technology promoted by this company is mind-blowing. I thought this is a splendid idea since we are living in a time when there is a need for financial constraints and management of scarce resources. Making solar panels from scrap tires is saving the environment, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and saving costs.

The reason why alternative energy has not succeeded to a significant level is due to a corporate greed that won’t support something they cannot control. Treadergy’s plan is to help liberate people from the shackles of government control by generating power from scrap tires and sunlight, both of which are abundantly available.

About Treadergy IUC

Treadergy IUC is a technology company that research, develop and distribute renewable energy generation systems. Their innovative Sidewinder solar terminal module is the solution to providing cheap solar energy for homes and offices.

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