Valley Healing Hands Announces Lokomat For The Ultimate Revival & Rehabilitation

State of the art gait rehabilitation to put people back on their feet like never before

Brownsville, TX, USA – 3 Apr, 2017 – Valley Healing Hands LLC has announced that they are introducing a one of a kind, advanced, sophisticated Lokomat Robotic Gait training machine to Rio Grande Valley in the US State of Texas. Lokomat will help the physically impaired in relearning how to walk again and will put many people back on their feet. Valley Healing Hands is a renowned clinic of physiotherapy and has played a major role in helping several disabled people.

“We expect to serve both adult and pediatric population using the machine,” said the spokesperson of Valley Healing Hands, LLC. “This Effective Gait Training is a Robot-assisted therapy that enables effective and intensive training and ensures the optimal exploitation of neuroplasticity and recovery potential.” the spokesperson added. In this therapy, the physiological gait pattern is ensured by the individually adjustable exoskeleton combined with the patented dynamic body weight support system.

During the rehabilitation process initiated by Lokomat, patients need to be challenged at and beyond their individual capabilities. Speed, loading and robotic support can be adjusted to optimally shape the intensity of the therapy and this helps them get back on their feet very quickly. The solution will not only revive the patients, but will also increase their physical efficiency to many folds and will motivate them for a speedy revival.

Moreover, the revolutionary Lokomat allows therapists to focus on the patient and the actual therapy. It enhances staff efficiency and safety, leading to higher training intensity, more treatments per therapist and consistent, superior patient care. The State-of-the-art gait rehabilitation has created many inspiring success stories that have inspired many others to try it and change their lives. In a nutshell, this world’s leading robotic medical device will not only change the lives of many impaired, disabled and helpless families but will also change the world itself.

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