Members of futures io community nominated trading companies, products, and services for the true edge awards in 7 categories

In 2016, members of futures io community have nominated trading companies, products, and services for the True Edge awards in 7 categories.

This is an open nomination process whereby their members could openly nominate anyone they chose in different categories. Some of those categories are Futures Broker of the Year, Options Broker of the Year, Trading Platform of the Year, Options Platform of the Year, Mobile Platform of the Year, Data Feed of the Year, and Trading Product of the Year.

The True Edge awards are awarded as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (Gold, Silver, Bronze awards). In the broker category, members select the best futures broker as well as the best options broker. Under the categories, awards are presented as follows: Futures Broker of the Year; Ninja Trader Brokerage> Stage 5 Trading>AMP. Options Broker of the Year; Interactive Brokers> TD Ameritrade>DE Carley Trading. Data Feed of the Year; CQG Continuum>IQFeed>Rithmic.

Not all brokers offer the same level of service. Some brokers are focused on low margins and ultra-low deposit requirements to open a new account, which may indicate they are targeting the new or inexperienced trader who doesn’t understand the consequences. Coincidentally, this may also mean that such a broker may have a very high turnover of accounts (as traders focused on low margin or low deposit requirements may not last long in the market), which may impact the type of service they can provide to each customer.

In the platform category, members choose the best trading platform for Desktop (Windows/Mac) as well as the best mobile trading platform (Android/iOS). Under this category, the award is presented as follow: Trading Platform of the Year; Ninja Trader> Sierra Chart> Investor/RT. Options Platform of the Year; ThinkOrSwim>CQG QT Trader>CTS. Mobile Platform of the Year; ThinkOrSwim>S5 Mobile>CQG M. Trading Product of the Year; Jigsaw Trading> Bookmap>Top step Trader.

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