Airwheel Electric Folding Bike E3 Suit For Children And Adults With Superior Folding Feature And Light Weight

It is a disaster to store all the vehicles for different members in a house. But Airwheel folding e bike E3, with superior folding feature and light weight will occupy little space and it will please all members.

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Children need an efficient electric hoverboard to ride to school. Adults need an efficient vehicle to get to work. Even the elder people need a labor-saving tool to get around. Imagining the house is piled with three different vehicles, it would occupy too much space and it is absolutely a disaster. Is there one kind of vehicle which can satisfy all the members’ needs and doesn’t need too much space? All one need is an Airwheel folding e bike E3.

Airwheel folding e bike E3

The vehicle is extremely small, weighing 12.5 kg in total with a customized 8 inch tires. Children and elder people can all lift it easily. E3 is easy to fold and handy. The main frame, saddle, pedal, and controlling shaft can all be folded. The folding size is 400*353*472mm, as small as a backpack. The Ideawheel smart e bike with a multiple folding design takes only one step to fold. It is unbelievable that the small size and light weight can bear a maximum weight of 100 kg.

smart e bike

All family members, less than 100 kg can ride the vehicle easily. The saddle and operating rod can be adjusted according to people’s heights, enabling riders to achieve the most comfortable posture. Since the vehicle is small, riders can easily touch the ground with two feet. It will be a safe measure to protect riders.

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The novel and fashionable structure of E3 can meet the requirements of the young generation. It will be a cool experience to ride the vehicle to school. As for office workers, riding the foldable e bike save both time and labor during rush hours. With the powerful folding system, E3 can also be folded and taken onto public transportation, like metro and buses. The Li-ion battery can be removed and serve as a portable power source to charge electronic devices. When family go on a self-driving tour, they can even store 2 to 3 E3 in the car trunk. The versatile vehicle has the magic to surprise all family members.

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