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iPhone, like many other smartphones, has become a phenomenon that people can’t do without. The news of the release of iPhone 9 has raised speculations and issues regarding how different it will look compared to the other versions., an online platform dedicated to providing updated information about iPhone 9 has published details of the phone and what to expect in term of size, names, design, processing power, concept models and more. There have been rumors on forums and sites about the expected changes in the phone. The site offers three most important changes readers are expected to experience when the phone is finally released.

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“When you read all the stuff in online forums and platform, you wonder where they get all the information. Apple is planning on significant design changes that people are going to love. But the three major changes is what matters most and is what we’re offering our readers. We are an authority in the iPhone 9 products, providing only the most detailed information important for people to be aware,” said a representative of

Major Changes to iPhone 9

Phone cables can be so annoying. They are not easy to untangle and can be a pain when not properly connected to charging. The new iPhone 9 will have no cable and will be charged by sunlight. The user will become the battery, thereby ensuring sustainable operation and usage on the phone. The phone will also be thinner and more flexible, giving users the power to do more. A phone with less weight also saves users from spending money on repairs. The phone will also display stunning graphics that will blow the away the mind of the user. It is expected to feature a kind of hologram display, which is something many people have dreamed of seeing.

“I am very optimistic that the new iPhone 9, when released will change the world. Apple has always expressed their commitment offering unique products that define the future. As an iPhone enthusiast, I love this website because it keeps me updated about the real deal, not some made up stuff you read everywhere on the internet. Nice work guys!” said Raymond F, a fan.

Users should also be expecting a very interactive OLED display screen on the iPhone 9. The processing speed for the phone is expected to exceed what is presently available on the market, by featuring an A12 processor chip created on a 10-nanometer. The release date is expected to be around September 2018. About the price, there are speculations that the phone might be shared free or prices reduced in exchange for an advertisement in unpleasant areas. Only time will tell.

About is an online medium that offers updated information about the anticipated iPhone 9 release. The platform has access to Apple insider experts that filter through the falsehood and offer the real deal.

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