GOST Life: A Brand of the Future is Coming Soon with a Big Impact

Philadelphia based Fashion Brand is Currently Seeking Public Support to get all the Paperwork done to Operate in the State of Pennsylvania

Tahric Gosley, the founder and owner of GOST Life has announced that he will be seeking public support on Indiegogo to raise funds for his clothing and fashion brand, GOST Life. GOST Life is a combination of [Goal, Objective, Strategy and Technique] and according to the founder, it is not just a brand but a lifestyle and a mindset for everyone. The brand is all about success and positivity and all the products designed by the brand promote motivation and energy.

The primary aim of all these fashion products created by GOST Life is to help people meet their goals and achieve their ultimate success in life. Currently, the company needs a lot of paperwork to be done in order to operate legally in the state of Pennsylvania and is therefore seeking public support on Indiegogo. The goal of this inspiring project is to raise $50,000 within two months and everyone is welcome to back it.

In addition to the proper paperwork, the company also needs to buy equipment and machines to manufacture the garments and other products with perfection and highest quality. The machines that GOST Life is aiming to get include the DTG M2 two heat press DK20, and Spider mini pretreat machine and other equipment costing thousands of dollars.

“At this point in the project I have been dumping every check from my day job into this idea getting it this far,” said Tahric Gosley, the creator of GOST Life. “With prayer and help from backers like you we can take Gost Life to another level and possibly making it the best and most meaningful clothing brand ever.” He added while appealing for public support.

All funds raised through this Indiegogo campaign will play a major role in not only getting the paperwork done for GOST Life but also in the purchase of proper machinery and equipment.

Everyone is welcome to back GOST on Indiegogo using the following link as the contributions will help GOST to become a brand of the future:


About This Project:

GOST Life is a Philadelphia based inspired brand aiming to spread hope, positivity and motivation in the young men and women through its clothing. The company is now seeking public support on Indiegogo to back their project and everyone is welcome to back and support them with funds, support and prayers.

Media Contact
Company Name: Gostlife
Contact Person: Tahric Gosley
Email: gostlife8@gmail.com
Phone: 2152076041
City: Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/goal-objective-strategy-technique-life