Insurance company announces affordable general liability insurance service for businesses

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Getting general insurance to protect a business can be an expensive venture, in most cases. General Liability Insure is a professional insurance broker that offers affordable general liability insurance, which protects businesses against property damages, bodily injuries, reputational harm, advertising errors, etc. Their services cover industries including contractors, advertising and media, real estate, IT, medical, arts and recreation and many more. GLI offers products that shield businesses from unexpected situations that may lead to the business owner losing their livelihood.

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“Most businesses need at least a commercial general liability insurance policy to protect them against known and unforeseen risks. Our service is mean to protect your business from lawsuits, ensuring that you stay afloat no matter the situation. We take delight in helping our clients grow, providing them with the peace of mind that if they are sued that they can continue operating. It is a duty we have sworn to uphold, and we are confident we do a good job of it,” said a General Liability Insure representative.

It can be quite an exciting experience to start a business that hires workers, provides services and adds value to society. However, many companies won’t make it past a lawsuit, whether it is frivolous or legitimate. GLI is equipped with everything needed for small businesses in more than 30 industries to protect themselves against accidents, damage to properties, personal injuries, or damages to premises. They also can protect their clients against advertising errors, reputational harm, and help settle medical payments. They also offer certificates of insurance that may be required by certain clients before they can issue contracts.

“General Liability Insure was a real life saver. Apart from the fact that their premiums are reasonable priced, they offer a solid customer service that is highly responsive. My landlord needed proof of insurance and they got it for me super fast,” said Emily R, a client, and hairdresser.

General Liability Insure is currently licensed in six US States including California, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Kentucky. They offer a fast and affordable insurance from top rated carriers that provide fast certificates of insurance on demand. The cost of general liability insurance is determined by location, type of business, number of employees and the risk level the business is exposed to.

About General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insure offers quality, fast and affordable commercial general liability insurance that protects small businesses against legal liability. Their service spans across many industries, helping clients build the confidence they need to develop a successful business.

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