The Miracle Behind Esther Destiny’s Jewelry

Jewelry Designer Ann Gray shares the truth about the decade old business for the first time.

Ann Gray, the founder of Esther Destiny’s Jewelry, released a live video on Facebook, which has subsequently received thousands of views about her struggle with a debilitating disease.  Ann started the business in 2006 but became very ill with Fibromyalgia and Addison’s disease, for which there are no cures, and they consist of excruciating pain and extreme chronic fatigue. “The pain was so bad, even my skin could not be touched,” said Ann.  Ann became bed-ridden and was prescribed the same high doses of pain medications that are given to cancer patients.  Ann explained that the only time she left the house was to go to the doctor and to Church.  Her wonderful husband and a Care Giver that visited daily did everything for her: cooking, cleaning, shopping, and laundry.

Ann was unable to do anything; however, she refused to give up or give in to this horror. Although the pain was unbearable, Ann would not simply lie in bed and watch TV, nor would she simply sit in a chair when attending Church. She stood and worshipped, giving God honor.  Ann continued her business, including creating silversmith jewelry from her bed with a fireproof bed table, although it took her a long time to design a jewelry piece.  Ann’s hope was in the promises that she had read in the stories in her Bible. 

Her customers still bought her designs, and an international business was built: Esther Destiny’s Jewelry.  Very few people knew that her jewelry was created in such agony, and Ann kept it that way.  It was her secret.  Then one weekend in January 2016, Ann was attending a Women’s conference at her Church: World Revival Church.  “I was praying for the visitors to receive a healing miracle, because we had visitors there from all over the world and all of a sudden, the pain simply left.  In a moment, in a ‘suddenly’ of God, it all left and I was sick no more,” said Ann.

Ann feels as if she has been given a new lease on life, and the business displays it.  Her “Delights of Turquoise Limited Edition Line” last fall was promoted by “Shop Hunting Divas”, a fashion magazine Blog in London, and this spring Esther Destiny’s Jewelry is expanding.

The spring jewelry line has just been released, and it is rather large, including bohemian, rustic, hippie styles with a touch of feminine delicacy.  In addition, much of the spring jewelry line is unisex, allowing for either women’s wear or men’s wear, expanding into men’s fashion.

Esther Destiny’s Jewelry is also adding two new lines of jewelry art to her jewelry and has hired an Assistant Designer, Bev Wheeler to help with the creation of these designs:

1. Hair Accessories

   a) Wedding tiaras, crowns, combs, barrettes, etc. (designed and crafted by Ann Gray)

   b) Infants and little girls’ headbands, hair bows, etc.

   c) Bohemian and floral style headbands

2. Chokers

   a) Delicate, Victorian, vintage styles

   b) Bohemian, hippie, vintage styles

   c) Cutting edge trendy styles

Although the spring line has been released, the hair accessories and chokers are just being started, so keep watching for new styles to be released soon!

Esther Destiny’s Jewelry has just received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Ann is very excited to have this rating, because the mission statement of Esther Destiny’s Jewelry is that their clients will not only purchase a high-end piece of jewelry, but jewelry created with integrity, ethics, honor, and honesty. Ann said, “I treat my customers that way, because that is the way God has treated me.”  

Here are what clients are saying about them:

“Ann puts her heart and soul into every piece she creates. She is very gifted and has impeccable integrity. I have purchased 4 necklaces and a bracelet from her and I can honestly say that I really enjoy wearing each piece. I get many, many compliments on them. Each one feels great on, is unique and very beautiful. Her prices are very reasonable. Ann stands behind her work 100%. The materials she uses are what she says they are. If you haven’t purchased your unique piece of jewelry from Ann, let me say this; you just don’t know what you are missing!” – Suzanne Windham

“Ann is a beautiful, amazing and vibrant personality. She is interesting and has a beautiful imagination which comes out in her jewelry. I have the wonderful pleasure of being a friend, but I also have done business with Ann. She is a woman of integrity and will always deliver what she promises. If you haven’t already bought a piece of Ann’s jewelry, I recommend that you do so. One day soon a handmade piece from Ann will be an elusive item to acquire, so get them while they are available.” – Jessica Lauren-Vine

About Esther Destiny’s Jewelry

With more than twenty-one thousand followers on Facebook and hundreds of thousands of regular views on social media, Esther Destiny’s Jewelry, founded by Ann Gray, has gained popularity and reputation over the years. The company which began over a decade ago has been recognized internationally due to her ethereal designs from scratch with the most unusual, natural, rare stones from all over the world.

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