Obvious Advantages of FOTA Make ADUPS Popular

In the era of mobile Internet, the dependence of smart phones and other intelligent terminal on FOTA wireless upgrade is rising. FOTA is also called wireless upgrade patch (otapackage). It provides otapackage upgrading service for cellphone, tablet computer and other intelligent devices by upgrading otapackage with remote wireless technology. When users use FOTA wireless upgrade services, they only need to download a very small otapackage and can easily complete the system repair and optimization.

Compared to the traditional way of upgrading, FOTA has the advantages of  flexibility, stability and etc. Open source shows in the field of intelligent terminals, the company who can provides FOTA technology is divided into two types. One is large terminal brand manufacturers, and the other is FOTA services software providers. Red bend, Innopath are two major companies in foreign market, and ADUPS is dominant in domestic market.

Take ADUPS as an example. It was founded in 2012 and its main business is FOTA cloud upgrade services. As a leading third party “FOTA cloud upgrade platform provider,” ADUPS helps partners to shorten the development cycle and reduce equipment costs and increase customer service revenue, allowing users to enjoy more convenient and efficient mobile phone customer service.

Some insider pointed out that it is due to the obvious technical advantages of  FOTA, the development prospects of the third party vendors in the field is also optimistic. In addition, with the closer connection of the world and approach of intelligent era, besides mobile phones, intelligent hardware is in the rapid development of. FOTA technology service providers is facing in a new growth point.

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