Analysis of Every Petroleum Engineering School in America

Austin – Given the rise of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculums in US public schools, there is a record number of students aspiring to be petroleum engineers. When considering the close-knit relationship between US energy and petroleum, it is clear that this is a profession which is expected to grow exponentially over the next few decades. In order to properly prepare aspiring petroleum engineers, one websitehas lead the way in detailing colleges with the best petroleum engineering programs in the country.

Top Petroleum Engineering Schools is the number 1 resource for aspiring Petroleum Engineers. The company takes pride in the offering potential students information and statistics on the top 15 Petroleum Engineering schools in the USA.

Students may be asking themselves why they should consider a career in petroleum engineering. While there are many disciplines of engineering, each with its own professions and specifications, petroleum engineering in undoubtedly the fastest growing discipline in the United States. Furthermore, this growth has been highlighted within the past few years alone. Among the top schools in the United States, only one awarded over 200 petroleum engineering degrees in 2015. In 2016, this number expanded to three. Now, in 2017, a total of five schools were proud to offer over 200 degrees to future petroleum engineers. When looking at this impressive growth, it only makes sense that a site like Top Petroleum Engineering Schools has attracted so much web traffic.

Despite the immense research which goes into the top 15, most students simply ask, “What is the best petroleum engineering school?” While it is no surprise that the best school for petroleum engineering is the University of Texas at Austin, the parity between the top 15 petroleum engineering schools is closer than ever before. This means that potential students are essentially guaranteed a high-quality education no matter their specific choice within the top 15. While there is a definite difference between aspects like admission rates, retention rates, and student to faculty ratios, the petroleum engineering curriculums at these schools go unmatched.

Potential students are encouraged to visit the Top Petroleum Engineering Schools website immediately to begin the research process. While students may already have an idea of whether they would like to attend a public school, private school, or Ivy League university, they likely do not understand much past this point. With Top Petroleum Engineering Schools, much of the work has essentially been done for them. A high-quality education is simply a click away!

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