Love, faith, and infertiliy – a touching story about the miracle called family

“Love, Faith, and Infertility” by Nina Leicht-Crist
Nina Leicht-Crist’s story of hope and higher powers, “Love, Faith, and Infertility”, is a book for all women, men, families, and friends who are looking for support, encouragement, and hope.

Do you want a baby more than anything? Are you contemplating medical procedures to conceive? Maybe you are stuck on your infertility journey or even close to giving up?

In “Love, faith and infertility” you will learn about different reproductive and endocrinology procedures and will get to know a blended military family who learned to trust evidence-based medicine, their gut, and God while navigating their infertile life to reach their ultimate goal in extending their family with a baby. 13 years, two vasectomy reversals, six In-Vitro Fertilizations, two frozen embryo transfers, and three miscarriages almost broke their spirit, but what didn’t kill them, made them stronger.

The moving and exciting story told in “Love, Faith, and Infertility” by Nina Leicht-Crist is inspiring and educating at the same time. Women, men, families, and friends who are looking for support, encouragement, and hope on a challenging path to becoming a family with a child will find exactly that in this book. The various reproductive and endocrinology procedures are introduced and explained in an easy to understand and friendly manner.

If you have one spark of hope left, then Love, Faith, and Infertility – a Story of Hope and Special Forces is for you! Never give up!

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