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You taste it! You love it! Mangia Mangia
Italian Tomato Co. is inspired by our Nonnas’ (grandmothers’) sauces. We are an all natural authentic Italian Tomato sauce company. Our sauces our made with the freshest ingredients. All natural, low calorie, low sodium, Gluten free, gmo free, no saturated or trans fat, only 40 calories per serving.

The Italian Tomato Co. is a Massachusetts-based company started by two paisons (friends), Mike DiCorato and John Micieli. The company produces all-natural, authentic Italian tomato sauces in a variety of flavors.Through our process, we have cooked up sauces that are derived from our Nonnas’ (grandmothers’) “old country” recipes. Through trial and error, we have formulated the perfect recipe to replicate that of our Nonnas’, right from Italy. The company originated in a small suburb of Boston, known as Lynnfield. The sauce has been served in our local restaurant for years.

All of the positive feedback from local customers has influenced us to take it a step further and create the Italian Tomato Co. (Nonnas Marinara). The goal of our company is to provide the healthiest options to busy families on the go. With that in mind, we have created an assortment of all-natural, authentic sauces, containing no preservatives. Keeping our customer’s best interest at heart, we cook with the freshest ingredients to deliver you the healthiest choice. All of our sauces are made all-natural, no preservatives, gluten-free, gmo-free, low in calories and low in sodium, with no saturated or trans fat.

Despite everyone’s busy schedules, we believe it is important for every family to enjoy a delicious meal together. Dinners made with our sauce emphasize health, convenience, and togetherness within your family. We hope to introduce or bring back the feeling or memories of Sundays at Nonna’s house; eating with, talking with, and enjoying our families. We strive to carry this experience over to your dinner table, so your family can create memories as well.

This is our story below:

Growing up Italian, our family always looked forward to Sunday dinner at Nonna’s house. As soon as you walked through the door, the aroma of Nonna’s cooking would put a smile on your face. Keeping Nonna’s tradition alive, we’ve combined “old country” recipes from Nonna’s kitchen with the freshest ingredients to create the Italian Tomato Co.

From our family’s table to yours, enjoy a taste of Italy. Let Nonna cook for you. Mangia mangia!

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Company Name: Italian Tomato Co.
Contact Person: Mike DiCorato, John Micieli
Phone: 781-451-7444
Country: United States