South Jersey Pet Adoption Center Parvo Outbreak

CHERRY HILL, NJ – 3 Apr, 2017 – An investigation into P&T Adoption Center in Cherry Hill New Jersey has been underway by an animal welfare group for selling sick and dying puppies to the public. P&T Adoption Center was closed down for two weeks because of a Parvo virus outbreak in their store but puppies adopted from the retail rescue center continue to breakdown with the virus.

At least six puppy owners who adopted are coming forward on P&T Adoption Centers Facebook page to say that their puppies are being hospitalized and treated for Parvo virus, with at least one already dead from the deadly disease. P&T has refused to provide reimbursement for the vet bills that are mounting into the thousands, leaving owners stuck with huge bills.

The local animal welfare group did some research after a Aphis 7001 form was posted by one of the customers who adopted a puppy not knowing it had Parvo. They found out that P&T Adoption center was sourcing their puppies from what appears to be a unlicensed rescue broker in Georgia named Tina Lane. Tina runs a Facebook page called Friends of Georgia Shelter Dogs. According to her own Facebook post, Tina is also dealing with a Parvo problem, with at least one of the pups in her care dying of the deadly virus, yet she is still taking in and shipping out dogs and puppies to other states like N.J. where P&T Adoption Center quickly flips them and sells them to the unsuspecting  public.

Friends of Georgia Shelter Dogs founder Tina Lane posted a public response on P&T Adoption Centers Facebook page claiming that P&T Adoption Center takes all puppies she offers to them, both healthy and sickly, admitting that they take sick puppies that no other groups will take due to the cost of caring for them. However, P&T Adoption Center adopts these puppies out the same day that they arrive, and refuses to reimburse it’s customers for the vet bills to treat the sick puppies, with many bills mounting into the thousands of dollars. Some of the dogs have also tested positive for the deadly heart worm disease. 

P&T Adoption Center sells its puppies for adoption fees of $500.00 and up in many cases, but steadfastly refuses to accept responsibility for selling the sick puppies, and intends to reopen soon. Meanwhile, unsuspecting new puppy owners continue to rack up thousands of dollars in vet bills to try to save their puppies lives. 

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