Launches Infographic on How To Become A Successful Celebrity Hairdresser and Entrepreneur

UNITED KINGDOM – 3 Apr, 2017 – According to HABIA (The Hairdressing and Beauty Authority UK) there are approximately 40,000 hair salons in the UK today.  The 2016 Industry Statistics for Hairdressing states that there are 270,000 people working in the industry and of that figure, half of the people working in hair salons are within the age group of 16 to 24 years old.  That makes hairdressing fiercely competitive and it’s most definitely a growing industry.  

The industry itself generates £7 billion a year but of that figure, it’s the cream of the crop who really drive the industry forwards and feature the top-earners.  According to The Guardian newspaper, the most successful hairdressers may even earn more than top barristers (so says Ray Seymour of The National Hairdressers Federation) earning at least £100,000+.  With top stylists now earning £50,000+ hairdressing shouldn’t be perceived as a poorly paid trade. In fact, the potential is huge if one is prepared to work hard, learn the skills of the trade from a reputable salon and not be afraid of undertaking very menial tasks!

However, while top stylists can enjoy large wage packets, junior stylists just starting out can expect to earn approximately £16,000 per year which is barely the UK’s minimum wage. The rewards in the future could well pay-off if a passionate and ambitious hair stylist does want to make it to the top of the hairdressing tree.  The problem is, there are thousands of hair stylists competing for top jobs, to take part in hair shows and catwalk shows and even to get a foot in the door at renowned celebrity hairdresser salons. It’s a hard hairdressing world.

There is so much conflicting advice for young hairdressers and even established hairdressers may need a helping hand in taking the next step up the ladder. has help at hand with their “9 Commandments: How To Become A Successful Celebrity Hairdresser Entrepreneur” which is a set of invaluable rules on how to succeed as a high quality, entrepreneurial hairdresser. The commandments come straight from the mouths of the hairdressing Gods, including Jo Hansford, Martyn Maxey, Greg Ruggeri, Daniel Galvin Jr and Richard Ward – each of these hairdressers style the biggest celeb and royal names in the UK and indeed, even Hollywood royalty. is the number one UK go-to resource for all hair information including reviews and news aimed at women who want to be able to style their hair successfully at home.  It also targets young, aspiring hairstylists who want to understand the latest technology and feel confident that the knowledge imparted on the website is genuine.

Says Katie Masters, the founder “I really want to enthuse young hair stylists with inspirational advice and guide them in this often cut-throat industry! There is always a way to get to the top; with passion, ambition and hard work the young hair stylists of today will be the celebrity hairdressers of the future.”

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