Healthcare Choices Leave Consumers Frustrated, Confused, and Angry


DALLAS, TX – 3 Apr, 2017 – Healthcare Consumer Navigator Center (HCNC) LLC, a national healthcare company dedicated to helping consumers navigate the complex healthcare system, announces new updates to its Website.  The new updates include; What are Safety Net Hospitals and how they help the Healthcare Consumer, How to Access Healthcare Prices, What to look for in Healthcare Quality, Critical Healthcare Web Sites for Healthcare Consumers, What is and How to Manage Balance Billing and How Observation Services work and what to do when admitted as Observation Status. HCNC has identified that consumers need pertinent healthcare information in a simple format that prepares them to make informed decisions regarding their medical and financial futures.  The company has developed tools and guides to assist consumers to recognize available options and proactively plan to ensure their healthcare needs are met.

HCNC recognizes that Healthcare Consumerism is rapidly growing.  This is evidenced by employers, insurance companies and healthcare providers forcing the healthcare consumer to become more actively involved in planning and managing their healthcare.  The industry defines a healthcare patient as receiving services; it defines a healthcare consumer as making healthcare choices and decisions.  The healthcare consumer does not know how to access information about the healthcare system or process. Information is limited and difficult for consumers to find let alone understand. HCNC will provide the healthcare consumer with aggregated information in its website.

In keeping with the theme of “Healthcare Choices Leave Consumers Confused, Frustrated and Angry”, HCNC is continually updating its website with information and tools that includes The Planning Navigator for Annual Healthcare Plans, The Information Navigator to help the consumer navigate the healthcare system maze and The Current Trends Navigator to keep the consumer updated of healthcare changes.

Gary Prala, Co-Founder/Company President stated, “The typical healthcare consumer spends more planning a vacation than healthcare.” Prala further stated, “Planning for healthcare expenses and services will be a process that every healthcare consumer will undertake in the future. The HCNC TEAM has developed simple tools and guides that help the healthcare consumer navigate through the planning process.”

Studies have shown that healthcare consumers do not plan for their healthcare expenses or services. This is evidenced by an article in the December 2015 Journal of the American Medical Association that of employees choosing health insurance plans at a company with 24,000 employees that “61% of the employees chose plans for which no level or pattern of their healthcare spending could justify their choice.  These mistakes led employees in overspending an equivalent to 42% of the cost of their yearly insurance premiums.” 

About Healthcare Consumer Navigator Center:

HCNC is a national company, established by experienced healthcare professionals, with a business mission to guide consumers through the complex healthcare system by providing planning tools, guides, information, and education.

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