New Baby Car Mirror Helping Parents To Keep Children Safe On The Road

A new rear facing mirror is helping parents keep an eye on their infants without taking their eye off the road

Each day more than one thousand people are injured due to distractive driving, while eight people are killed. One of the main reasons for distractive driving is parents taking their eye off the road to check on their child in the back seat of their vehicle. To help reduce the number of driving accidents a new baby car rear view mirror has been launched on Amazon.

The rear view baby mirror allows parents to keep an eye on their child at all times without putting themselves or their family in danger. The unbreakable and crash tested mirror keeps the baby in full view at all times with its ultra-wide design and 360-degree, rotating swivel. It has been designed to remove the problems of other baby rear view mirrors that shake while the vehicle is being driven. It can be fitted within minutes, providing parents with a very important vehicle safety tool that could save lives.

A spokesman for RL HORIZON said: “It is very important that parents keep their eyes on the road at all times, but we do understand how having a child in the back seat can cause a mom or dad to quickly look behind and check on them. But, that few seconds could result in a serious or fatal road traffic accidents. By purchasing our new baby car mirror, there is no need to look behind.”

The new baby car mirror for rear facing infants is being sold by RL HORIZON ( Since being launched on the popular shopping platform, it has become one of the most recommended infant car safety mirrors with continued five-star reviews.

It is currently available with a special celebration price of $26.90; the normal retail price is $44.99. A spokesman for RL HORIZON said once the celebratory price is over the product will go back to its normal price, meaning now is the perfect time to grab a deal. As a special bonus gift, each parent receives a Toddler Care Ebook & Baby on Board Sign.

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About The Baby Car Mirror

The baby car mirror has become one of the best-selling baby car safety products on Amazon. It comes with a full guarantee.

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