FliWheel.co makes Car Export from the United States easy for International Buyers

Atlanta, Georgia – Every year thousands of cars are exported from the United States to countries all over the world. The main source of inventory for exporters in the United States is currently car auctions. Cars can also be bought from new and used car dealers for export. Dealer inventory is typically in better condition than auction inventory because it is ready for sale to retail buyers. These vehicles are also cheaper because buyers don’t have to compete against other bidders or pay auction fees. However, this source of inventory has not been accessible for foreign buyers because of factors such as language barriers, difficulty in negotiating and arranging export from an international location and lack of trust on both sides.

FliWheel.co, a fast-growing startup, aims to change that. The online car export marketplace connects foreign buyers directly with US car dealers. It allows buyers to handle the entire car purchase and export process online including search, negotiation, payment, transportation, shipping, inspection, insurance and paperwork. US Dealers can list and sell their vehicles to export buyers. This allows them to take advantage of global demand and even sell certain vehicles sought after in the export market for a premium above local sales prices.

The company has introduced several features to build trust on both the buyer and seller’s end. For example only verified dealers can list clean title vehicles for sale on FliWheel.co. Buyers are allowed to reserve vehicles with a deposit and receive a full inspection report before they complete the purchase process. If the vehicle’s condition does not meet their standards, they can cancel the transaction. As the car moves through the purchase and export process, the buyer receives regular status updates. FliWheel.co also claims to offer one of the lowest fee structures and most competitive pricing for export logistics in the industry.

Ihab Pothiawala, founder and CEO of FliWheel.co stated: “We are trying to disrupt the current model of the car export industry. The way it works right now, the business model favors middlemen over the final car buyers. We want to change that. We will bring a new level of cost savings, efficiency and transparency to the car export process and make it accessible to everyone, not just those working in the industry.”

The company is expanding rapidly, having exported hundreds of vehicles for its clients to countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Registered dealers have listed over 500,000 vehicles for sale on the website. FliWheel.co has also introduced new car sales for most major brands available in the United States including Land Rover and Mercedes.

To find out more, please visit: www.fliwheel.co

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