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The number of diagnostic centers across the world is also rising tremendously as the prerequisite for early diagnosis is pushing the demand for advance X-ray systems, that is in turn compelling the growth of “X-Ray Detectors Market”.

X-Ray Detectors are basically those instruments that are employed to gauge the flux, spatial distribution, spectrum, and the other related characteristics of X-Rays. They can be segregated into two major types imaging detectors and dose measurement devices. The analog X-Ray systems normally employ photographic plates and films for image detection. Nevertheless, as there has been a shift in technology from analog to digital X-ray systems, the photographic plates and films are have been substituted by digital image plates that are itself the flat panel detectors.

Flat panel detectors are said to be highly sensitive and they are much faster than a photographic film. As technology and demand for digital X-Ray systems is reaching great heights, the X-ray detectors will call for much stronger structure possessing high transmission capability, temperature endurance, as well as resistance to ionizing radiations. Market size on the basis of type spans flat panel detectors, charge coupled device (CCD) detectors, image intensifiers, line-scan detectors and computed radiography (CR) detectors.

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As there has been a robust augmentation in demand for digital X-Ray systems, the incorporation of newer detection technologies including flat panel detectors and charge coupled device (CCD) detectors has also witnessed an upsurge. In addition, as further improvements and developments keep on taking place in research, it is estimated that an X-ray machine is capable of involving a large area or small area flat panel detector. It is known that a small variation in the size of detector also matters for varied applications or subjects that need to be scanned.

Conversely, various other types of X-Ray detectors are also available in the market. They may encompass gas ionization detectors, scintillation, gas-filled detectors, semiconductor detectors and gas electron multiplying detectors. One of the prominent factors that is boosting up the demand for X-ray detectors include increasing frequency of chronic disorders like arthritis, orthopedic diseases, and respiratory diseases.

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It has also been observed that the demand for photographic films has shown a reduction due to its time consuming nature, low sensitivity and the necessity for processing after exposure and that has eventually given a boost to the demand level for flat panel detectors and line-scan detectors. Market size on the basis of applications spans dental, medical, veterinary, industrial, and security. The segment of medical applications encompasses general radiography, surgical imaging, cardiovascular imaging and mammography. Market size on the basis of geographical location spans North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World.

As far as the geography is concerned, Asia Pacific and Latin America is currently leading the way, the reason being rising adoption of digital X-ray systems in the particular region. In addition, they are believed to possess the highest potential for raising the demand of X-Ray detectors plus their capacity to produce is also growing tremendously. Other than that, India, China, Brazil, Russia and Mexico are also emerging gradually as target markets for the companies providing X-Ray equipments, the reason being rapid growing economy and presence of unexplored opportunities.

The prominent players operating in the X-Ray detectors market include Teledyne Technologies, Inc., Thales Group, Fujifilm Medical Systems, Varian Medical Systems, Agfa Healthcare, Analogic Corporation, Canon Inc., PerkinElmer, Inc., and Konica Minolta, Inc. The manufacturers have started introducing novel and enhanced products and come up with some new marketing strategies that will make their existence more recognizable.

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