Social Enterprise Vaidyaa Offers Medical Consultations and Services Across War-torn Asia and Africa

Initially founded as a medical services organization to assist the needy residents of Calcutta, India, Vaidyaa has unexpectedly grown into a important regional medical resource that offers online consultations with medical professionals as well as on-location surgical camps for nations like Zimbabwe, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Many of these areas lack the medical personnel, equipment and facilities to conduct life-saving procedures because of poverty or war, but Vaidyaa is one of the few groups willing to transport in surgical teams and help save lives.

Using an array of tools, Vaidyaa is helping share precious expertise and resources with regional communities.  Its online consultations with qualified doctors has helped countless areas without trained physicians. Utilizing its network of 190 physicians and 10 partner hospitals, Vaidyaa is able to send in teams to perform critical care for the severely ill or injured, even in combat zones with ongoing violence. Finally, Vaidyaa is helping train new medical professionals by conducting seminars and conferences.

In order to meet growing demand, Vaidyaa is also trying to build new facilities and secure additional personnel. They would like to add internet-ready facilities in other cities and hire English translators. Vaidyaa also intends to expand its training programs so that medical professionals in other regions are more knowledgeable.

All of this is extremely costly, however. A single surgical trip may cost more than $16,000.  This is why Vaidyaa is asking the international community to financially support them in their life-saving operations. Vaidyaa has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $150,000.  In return for your generous support, you may get valuable perks including Indian Carpet, Assorted Teas, or an online consultation with a physician. 

To learn more about Vaidyaa go to or to make a donation to this worthy cause, please visit

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Company Name: Vaidyaa/Treatment Across Borders
Contact Person: Nandini Phookan
Country: India