Texas-based supply chain application company Eruza has unveiled its latest software solution that seeks to cut down on fresh food waste, optimize supply and increase profit margin in the food industry.

DALLAS – Texas-based supply chain applicationcompany Eruza has unveiled its latest software solution that seeks to cut down on fresh food waste, optimize supply and increase profit margin in the food industry.

Eruza’s latest prediction-as-a-service product achieves this by deploying predictive analytics with advanced machine learning – making use of cutting-edge technology for very real results.

The Federal government estimates that 40 percent of food ends up in landfills rather than stomachs; a number that holds up for food industry businesses such as grocery and convenience stores, quick service restaurants and cafes–which clearly affects their bottom line.  

“Americans throw away nearly as much food as they eat in a year; a staggering 60 million tons is thrown out

by retailers alone,” says Eruza President Matthew Woodward  “The social impact alone is staggering when we recognize how many children in America may go an entire day without a meal.”

In addition to the costs of wasted food absorbed by retailers, Woodward says they also are wasting time ordering by hand with clipboards and paper or using old “long shelf life” forecasting tools with their best guess on how much and how often they should be ordering, which is what has put the industry in this position.

“With Eruza software, we specifically deliver solutions which overcome these challenges to address the economic and social impact,” says Woodward.

Rather than relying on employees to maintain and replenish inventory using their best guesses, Eruza’s prediction-as-a-service solutions use machine learning models in the cloud and other data science technologies. By storing, analyzing and predicting the right quantities of products, customers get the right amount of product at the right time.

A number of U.S. companies already have jumped on using the innovative predictive ordering software, tracking not just food trends, but demographics, weather and holiday cycles at the store level in order to help store owners/managers make the smartest decisions on how to stock their shelves.

Stores can either simply use Eruza as a stand-alone product or integrate the software into their own inventory management system in order to enable one-touch editing and ordering.

The impact is substantial, as the software provides waste reduction recommendations that deliver as much as a 25 percent decrease in waste, without the risk of running out of product. By ordering the right amount of product the first time, grocery stores, convenience stores, quick serve retail stores and cafe businesses can better maximize their return on investment, reducing waste early in the food cycle to foster both economic and social benefits.

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About Eruza

Eruza was created by fresh food people for a fresh food industry. The need was simple: stop wasting food, optimize supply and increase profits. To do that, Eruza is dedicated to creating the most cutting-edge predictive ordering software that focuses directly on decreasing food waste, optimizing supply and increasing revenue at the ordering level.

Eruza is located at 14180 Dallas Pkwy #620 in Dallas, TX (75254).

The company can be contacted via phone at 469.458.6770 or at their website

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