Airwheel R5 electric assist bicycle with multiple ride modes is second to none for commuters

After spending a tough and busy day, office workers need to figure out ways to relax and recover. Airwheel R5 portable e bike, the latest and most practical vehicle, not only can be your personal tool for commuting but also can be a way of entertainment.

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Having a good rest after going through a busy working day is crucial for throwing ourselves into the following work and life in best condition. However rest does not mean staying at home or staring at phone screen. For commuters who work in offices, the best way to reduce pressure and relax is going out instead of hiding at home. Speaking of going out, we also have to choose the best riding equipment-Airwheel electric hoverboard.

electric assist bike

Exercise can help to relieve fatigue after a long time’s brainwork, but heavy exercise will reverse the effect and add fatigue so we should control the strength well. R5 electric assist bike has three ride modes so it can bring riders flexible riding experience under different modes. Completely driven by man-power, R5 will need large energy to be cycled but this mode allows users to cycle like traditional bikes; power-assisted mode takes less energy than fitness mode but provides much easier riding for commuters and it won’t be a trouble for climbing; power mode is the most  labor-saving way which is recommended as the rest mode after users feel tired.

R5 electric assist bike

In order to assure the good riding experience, R5 electric assist bike adopts the 16-inch tires, special tire tread with good road holding ability. No matter it is raining, snowing or other bad road conditions, R5 portable electric bike can move steadily and safely. In addition, users can also adjust the height of saddle for meeting up with people of various statures till they feel most comfortable.

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Also, as a smart e bike, R5 Smart E Bike is collapsible. The folding steps are simple and the volume after being folded in main frame, handrails and operating rod is no more than 0.2m3. Stored in car trunk, carried in buses or undergrounds or lifted in elevators, it is all available. It means that commuter can freely change their path anytime and connect to other equipment.

To get out of the exhausting work times, you need to pedal Airwheel R5 to relax.

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