Global-Migrate Helps To Simplify The Immigration Process

London, UK – As the laws and regulations surrounding immigration to various countries across the globe continue to evolve, so too do the fees incurred with the process. In order to make the immigration process as easy and affordable as possible, many begin seeking the help of an immigration expert. Global-Migrate, a private OISC registered UK Ltd Company, with a branch office in Dubai; UAE provides comprehensive short and long term international immigration solutions for both private and corporate clients. The company provides a series of free, no obligation eligibility assessments focused around the most recent visa and immigration legislation.

“We offer free eligibility assessments in order to help those interested in immigrating to another country to calculate whether or not they meet the basic eligibility criteria and find which visa best matches their travel requirements,” explains company representative, Adam Mouzouris. “As one of the largest and most successful immigration consultancies in the world, we have the most up to date knowledge and experience regarding visas for Australia, Canada, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. Whether you are in need of a visa for business, travel, or to move to a new country, we know that the process can be long and stressful. At Global-Migrate, we are here to make the process as simple as possible, helping you to get where you’re going that much sooner.”

An unsuccessful visa application will cost the applicant money. With Global-Migrate, clients are more likely to know before entering the visa process whether or not their application will be accepted, saving both time and money because we are OISC, MARA, and ICCRC accredited consultants with the highest success rate in the industry and more than 10,000 successful applications, we have become a well known and established immigration specialist. Throughout the entire immigration process, each client is given their own consultant, which gives clients a personal touch and complete commitment to their particular case.

Global-Migrate is always researching the current visa rules and legal regulations surrounding immigration to various countries, which allows them to better assist their clients in the application process. By knowing what to look for in a qualifying visa application, clients can save both time and money throughout the process. Global-Migrate offers a completely free assessment for prospective visa applicants, which helps them to understand what stipulations they need to meet, and helps the immigration consultants to know which cases will be successful. By doing this, the company is able to take on only cases with a fair chance of success, thereby increasing their overall success rate of visa applications.

The Global-Migrate system keeps the application process moving as smoothly as possible. All applications are accurately logged, all necessary documentation noted, and the company ensures that each client has everything they need before the application submission process is able to begin. By creating such a streamlined process, Global-Migrate has been able to increase the number of successful visas for travel, work, marriage, and permanent residency across the globe. Global-Migrate is located in Canary Wharf in London making it easily accessible.

The company can be reached by phone at +44 207 9934762, or from their website:

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Company Name: Global Migrate
Contact Person: Adam Mouzouris
Phone: +44 207 9934762
Address:Canary Wharf
City: London
State: England
Country: United Kingdom