Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Helping Families in Communities with Home Mortgage Needs

Faith-Based Nonprofit Mortgage Banking, Real Estate & Loss Mitigation Legal Clinic with true results!

April 4th, 2017 – The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates is helping people with their Home loans and other financial challenges. This is a faith-based organization out of Costa Mesa California that concentrates on helping those in need with vetted experienced licensed advocates on your side.

Many communities have been harmed by problems relating to potential homelessness as they are unable to properly communicate with the true Owner of their Home Loan. In many cases, people are suffering from problems related to their homes being in default or potentially lost to foreclosure.

The Nonprofit clinic prides its self on effectively helping people identify who really owns their Home loan and how to properly present a reasonably structured alternative to foreclosure that actually benefits both the Note Holder as well as the Homeowner, circumventing the gatekeeper known as the servicer.

The people who work at the Nonprofit Clinic focus on financial literacy using both simple as well as very complex legal loss mitigation needs of the consumer. The group is comprised of direct lenders, loss mitigation expert’s, Real Estate Brokers, Private Investors and Hedge Fund representatives, retired CPA’s and enrolled IRS Agents as well as multiple State Bar Licensed foreclosure defense and lender litigation Attorneys with over 100 years of combined legal experience.  They help people learn how consumers may have gotten into trouble, evaluate their situation and present a sensible road map to cure the problem and more importantly, they go over what one can do to avoid a similar problem in the future.  

Solutions are provided to people who need help with their home mortgages and other finances but have no where else to turn. These can include people who have been suffering from serious problems relating to their funds not being easily available for any reason such as a Tax Levy or severely damaged credit. The services in particular include but are not limited to FREE loan modification, FREE credit repair support, FREE Tax liability assessment FREE Lender Fraud and Violation Analysis Report as well as a FREE legal consultation from very experienced Consumer Protection Attorneys.

Also new Loan resolutions such as a new home loan or a ‘Refinance’ directly with Government sponsored Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Gennie Mae, HUD/FHA direct Lending as well as direct Funding thru Private Capital Investment firms and Hedge Funds are often a safe and easy alternative one can explore. Clients are only asked to pledge tax-deductible donations for any of the Clinic’s free assistance that is applied 100% to Homeless Veterans, abused Children and the Homeless Elderly in our community.

About us:

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates is a faith-based organization that serves people looking for proper help with managing different home financial services.

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