Snow Performance Boost Cooler offer high engine output and capacity

Product comes with freely programmable 52mm OLED gauge and optimally dual-stage technology

High engine performance depends on a reliable water methanol injection kit. Snow Performance’s boost cooler stage 2 power max is the ideal kit for car owners to improve performance and guarantee higher engine power yield. The kit comes with a freely programmable 52mm OLED gauge and optimally dual-stage technology. The product also features industry leading 300 PSI UHO pump, Hypersonic Nozzles, efficient intercooling, up to 60°C lower air intake temperature and Reduced thermal stress on NOS, LPG/Autogas. It is easy to install and perfect for nearly all turbocharged engines.

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“When it comes to engine performance our Boost Cooler comes to mind. We offer high-quality products that deliver excellent performance, protect the engine and is so easy to install. Also, the stage 2 power-max Europe edition (display & programming in BAR) is exclusively available only by Snow Performance Europe and its European authorized dealers. Our product is efficient and trusted worldwide to deliver high octane engine performance that is hard to beat,” said a snow performance representative.


The boost cooler comes great features. These includes providing power and torque by suppressing detonation and using water methanol injection in combination with 95octane gasoline. Also, there is no loss of boost pressure, and it still gives an excellent throttle response. Snow Performance’s boost cooler also protects the engine by reducing thermical stress. When the product is used, the combustion chamber is free of carbon. Another great feature is that the Boost Cooler doesn’t create any intake restriction like an intercooler, and unlike race gas, it reduces intake air temps up to 60°C and improves charge air density too.

“Snow performance boost cooler is the only option I could ever think. The results are amazing, and my engine benefits so much from it. The OLED control unit is a very handy device that makes the booster a must have,” said Nichola D, a customer.

Snow Performance boost cooler is perfect for nearly all supercharged and turbocharged engines as also for turbodiesel. Customers can purchase the perfect boost cooler by selecting appropriate horsepower and reservoir size.

About Snow Performance

Snow Performance designs and manufactures boost cooler for car engines. They offer customers an excellent tuning product that generates extra power and protects the engine. Many successes in motorsports and world-records were achieved by using the boost booler water injection.  

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