Nehemiah Douglass, co-founder and owner of the Vision Trading Network, a company that provides comprehensive and valuable Forex education and training to individuals around the world, this week challenged a well-known penny stock trader and mentor, Timothy Sykes, to a trade-off after Sykes cracked an April Fools joke hitting on the ineffectiveness of Forex trading.

Tweeting out what was an obvious April Fools joke, stating that he was giving up on stocks and moving on to Forex as a fallback due to Forex traders lack of general success, Sykes kicked off a “trade-off” response from Douglass, which has yet to garner a response from Sykes.

“It’s time for Sykes to put money where his mouth is and accept my trade-off challenge for proving the value and profitability of Forex trading,” said Douglass. “The details of the competition require us both to place the amount of $10,000 in a new trading account and trade against one another in the markets for 30 full trading days. Whoever has the largest balance by the end of the 30 days will take all.”

Though Sykes has yet to respond to the request, he did tweet back two separate tweets regarding his credentials and validity.

Douglass brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table with Vision Trading Network. As a Forex education company with over 400 students from around the world, Vision Trading Network was founded by Nehemiah Douglass and Cottrell Phillip in late 2015. Since the company launch, the two mentors have worked together to help dozens of students achieve 5, 6, and now up to 7-figure testimonials within the Forex market.

“After a stint in the financial sector, in mid-2015, I connected with Cottrell online where we began to collaborate and learn about each other’s interest in trading,” said Douglass. “Since I live in California and Cottrell lives in Canada, we used Skype to explore starting our own Forex training company, which has since blossomed into an international operation today.”

Douglass and Cottrell have been featured on the Brian Tracy show as well as segments on FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Recently, the two appeared on the Wall Street Business Radio in Atlanta. Douglass also commented he has recently been approached to appear in the April 2017 issue of Forbes Magazine.

Passionate about his Forex education and training company, Douglass is hoping to have the opportunity to demonstrate the viability and profitability of the Forex industry in a one-on-one challenge with Sykes.

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