Author Jada Hodgson Shares Her View about Loss and Recovery

A story of faith over loss, courage over fear and Spiritual fortitude above all

Losing our special ones is one of the hardest truths to face. Author Jada D. L. Hodgson shares her personal story in the book, “A View from the Fog: A Story of Grief and Loss, and Faith and Hope.”

Jada recalls how her parents instilled in her the deepest connection with God. Her family bond is so strong that they enjoyed and experienced almost everything together.

In a single automobile accident, that instant changed her life. When both her parents were pronounced dead, Jada’s life was turned upside down. With 400 people who were there to comfort her, she sought the most effective and the fastest method to heal. Those readers who have experienced this phase of life will surely remember the wounds of the loss. Losing is like unplugging the charger from the outlet- the power just disappears.

The darkness of grief and tragedy overwhelmed Jada. Her world shattered and the word, “orphan” was so painful to bear. She admitted she felt God was silent. The struggle of seeing life through the fog almost tore her apart.

She went on with some therapy sessions to cope with the turmoil within her.  She knew she needed help and this helpedher gradually saw the view of life despite the fog– in her sight and her mind.  Through the support of her loving friends and prayer from her church family, she learned to embrace the reality and finally realized that God was with her all along saying, “I love you and will never leave you.”

Her honest account is not meant to be a sermon on how recovery should be. She encourages grievers to take their time and not allow anyone to manipulate or cut short their grief. Her book offers hope and that those who grieve are not alone. A view from the fog never fails to remind the readers that God never leaves His children. Jada believes there is only hope in the presence of a loving God, the God who truly loves you and would never, ever leave you. “God does not call the qualified but qualifies the called,” she concludes.

Jada D. L. Hodgson

A View from the Fog: A Story of Grief and Loss, and Faith and Hope

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About the Author

Jada Hodgson is a Certified Lay Minister in the United Methodist Church and an Elder Law Attorney living in “suburban” Beagle, Kansas. She is an adult orphan who felt the need to share her story of love and grief in an attempt to offer hope to others.

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