And Godblessyoo, the application for those who want to change the world and want to live together in perfect harmony, created e-blessing

FRANCE – 4 Apr, 2017 – Godblessyoo what is it? Godblessyoo is the first mobile application which gives the possibility to bless your friends from a picture, by making a sign (cross, ichtus or heart) on the tactile screen of your smartphone. The godblessed picture – meaning certified blessed – is geolocated and can be shared on your favorite social networks or by MMS or email. You can even keep it to yourself on your blessbox!

The main benefit of Godblessyoo is to bring people together, to create social relationships by sending loveful, hopeful and positive messages at this sometimes difficult times. The app wants to renew the Christian religion bringing young people a new tool to live their faith. Using Godblessyoo is thanking God for a simple joy in your life or an important event, it’s also giving God’s blessings to somebody. Godblessyoo gives a new opportunity to evangelize.

“Everyone can use Godblessyoo. Everybody can spread the good and show their family and friends how much they care for them,” said Father Geoffroy de la Tousche, the spiritual guide of the project.

First available in France and in the french speaking countries, the application will now be available in the United States on App store and Google play.

Focus on Sebastien Poncelet, CEO

Before founding Godblessyoo, Sebastien worked as a composer/sound designer in the video game and advertising industries. He was also a cultural mediator with young people from underprivileged districts. His most beautiful memory is having made a documentary movie named “L’apprenti-sage” and sending it into space on board the ISS in collaboration with CNES and the ESA, “just to show these young people that everything is possible when we have faith”. This film, for which he has composed the music, orbited the Earth 16,000 times before returning to our planet.

Sebastien lived near Saint Etienne du Rouvray, sadly notorious for the tragic event which occurred in July of 2016.
He especially remembers the rush of compassion that followed.

Godblessyoo is the application for those who want to change the world and want to live together in perfect harmony.

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